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Icon Status for Synology Drive

Hi there,
can you implement icon status for synology drive? I can see the icons in windows explorer but not in opus. Currently I'm running v12.18.
Thank you.

What icons are you talking about exactly?

This is in Windows Explorer:

This is in Opus:

So it's some sort of cloud storage? Or have you redirected OneDrive to your NAS or something?

It's Synology NAS personal cloud Storage ( )
Direct on the NAS and not using public servers.
On the NAS there is the "server" version and then there are sync clients for every platform.

Ok thanks. The problem is identifying which folders are used for cloud storage. We currently support OneDrive and Dropbox, but we don't have any information for other systems at this stage. In the next version we'll add a config option so you can add your own folders to the list as a workaround.