Icons for RAR files

I'm running DOpus 9 under WinXP SP3. I've got neither WinRAR nor WinZIP installed. My RAR files are handled by the DOpus RAR plugin. When I click on a RAR file, I drop down "into" that file in the same lister, and I like it that way. However, the RAR files lack a distinctive icon. XP gives them some nondescript, default icon. In XP, I tried associating RAR files with DOpus just to give them their own icon, but, once the association was in place, DOpus would launch another lister whenever I clicked on a RAR file. This is not what I want - I want to just drop down into a RAR file when I click on it. How can I assign a custom icon to RAR files without having DOpus launch a new lister? I get the impression that under XP you can only assign a custom icon to a file when you associate it with some program.

You need to create a RAR file-type and then assign an icon to it.

See this FAQ: [Make RAR, 7z, ISO, etc. files open in Opus on double-click)

Thank you very much. Quite useful.