Ignore bottom tabs of default lister when programs don't play well with "open external folders in a new tab"

The option "open external folders in a new tab" works well when a program opens a folder using the "expected way" (as discussed on this thread).

There are some programs that do not and they make a new lister be created every time. For my case, as the default lister is in dual horizontal mode, the new lister displays the opened directory as a lonely tab on the top and all the bottom tabs from the default lister on the bottom.

As these bottom tabs are numerous and have many files, they cause a temporary spike on the resource usage of the system. I want to prevent that. Is there some way to force Opus to disregard the default lister in that case?

I have "open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window" turned off. I am not sure if that then makes the behavior I see a bug or if the behavior conforms to the specifications.

You probably want to use/open a layout for your main lister, and change the default lister to a more simple one that only has one side open, without all the extra tabs.

My default lister is saved when Opus exits, so it is whatever it is when I need to shutdown or restart the system. I would rather not loose the commodity of having Opus automatically save the current session on shutdown and reopen it on the next login.

I guess one option could be to use something like a OnStartup script to change the default lister to a simple one after Opus launch, so that I have back the tabs from the previous session and the new slim default is used in the mentioned case. Albeit it doesn`t look like OnStartup can be used reliably, as Jon said on another post that at the time OnStartup() is executed there are no Listers open. I guess that could be circumvented using a timer to delay the change until after the Opus finish opening the tabs from the previous session. I will try that later.

You don't need to use or modify the default lister to save your state across reboots. (Assuming you are shutting down Opus with the windows still open, not closing the windows first.)

That is, under Preferences / Launching Opus, you can turn on

Startup / Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed

without having to turn on

Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.

Spot on! I was operating under the false assumption that you rightly pointed.

I disabled Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister. That should do it.