Ignore multiple folders by wildcard (e.g. .git & .git*)

I found this thread when trying to ignore the .git folder.

I was able to modify the default format to hide this folder

and update the advanced preference

But to ignore the additional .github folder, I pressed F1 for help on the folder format page
and it took me to this help file link.

and I couldn't find any documentation regarding how to hide an additional folder using what separator?
I tried space , comma, image
neither worked,

ultimately I had to use regex to fix the issue. image

I think maybe the documentation needs to be updated to better explain this. I assumed this filter, was similar to the filters defined in the find panel, but it wasn't.

and out of the box git integration would be a bonus! right now I have to download several scripts/extensions to make it work.

You'll find a good explanation here:

The File names and Folder names fields both take a wildcard string expressed using either standard pattern matching or regular expression syntax (if the Use regular expression option is turned on).


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That page was great and what I needed, but pressing F1 on that tab, doesn't take you there.

F1 in the Folder Options dialog (regardless of tab) takes you to Folder Options Dialog but that then has links to more detail on each tab at the bottom.

I did check there, it takes me to folder formats

Not the folder options dialog.

I did, manage folder formats > (shows preferences) double click to default > Shows Edit format -> F1

At the bottom clicking on folder options doesn't take me to the link you mentioned either.

Exploring some more, I see that I didn't use the view on the left and expand it to find what I was looking for

Then I can see what you are referring to!

The link you specified is easy to read and understand. :+1:

Ah, yeah, it'll go there if you opened the dialog from Settings > Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, rather than the similar Folder > Folder Options dialog. I didn't think of that.

There's a link from that page to the page about the Folder Options dialog. ("See the Folder Options page for a full discussion of the options...")