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Image convert crash(dump)

Hello folks,

a user in the german forum has issues converting jpg files. DO would hang and needs to be killed manually to get back to normal operation. I managed to get a crash dump for you (manually created while DO was hanging, it was not in the minidumps folder). According to the user, this is a fresh Win10 installation.


Maybe you can take a look? Thx! o)

Ask them if they're using Team Viewer; this is known to cause a lock-up in the image converter.

Ok, will do..

So yes, Teamviewer running in background! o)

Any chance for some kind of workaround for this? As far as I remember you were able to fix a hanging-issue with the regular copy and progress bar while teamviewer is running. Is this something similar, something that could be healed by applying the same fix or workaround?

Any chance someone could report it to to TeamViewer, since it's their bug? :slight_smile:

I would do it, tell me what to tell them! o)
I don't know much about the technical details leading to the problem, so I'd need some help. o)

Tell them their software is causing an unrelated piece of software to lock up?

Details from analysing the crash are here:

We can't say much more than that as we have no way to tell why that DLL is injected into our call stack or why it is doing a cross-thread SendMessage (assuming that is the cause of the problem; just an educated guess), or what it is doing in general.

Ok, I think that helps, thank you!