Import DOpus9 Config to new DOpus10?


Honestly, i searched the forum before asking this silly question :wink:

I've got a new laptop and want to try the new DOpus there before purchasing. I've got many customizations here which I really like but I'm also looking forward to explore the new functions and toolbars. Obvious I could install DO9 first, import the existing configuration backup and finally install DO10 over it. Or is it even safe to clean install DO10 and import the old config there?

Regards, Vitali

Importing the Opus 9 config directly into Opus 10 is fine.

Maybe best is installing clean DO10 to see the changes, then import your v9 setting. Do not overwrite v9 setting, because you can't import it in DO9 anymore.

thx! I'll try it.

I've finally purchased DOpus 10 and have saved my DOpus 9 configuration file. My choice is to first uninstall DOpus 9 completely and then do a clean install, or to install DOpus 10 into the same directory where DOpus 9 is presently installed. If I choose to install into the same directory, will the new installation first uninstall the old, or will there be a lot of leftover files and Registry keys? My thinking on the overwrite installation is that some settings may be automatically imported to DOpus 10.

Installing either way, are there any additional files or settings I should save from the old installation that can be used in DOpus 10 but that are not saved in the Export Configuration file? I seem to remember losing some settings when upgrading to new versions of DOpus in the past, and then it was too late to go back and retrieve them.


Installing 10 over 9 is the quickest and easiest thing to do. The config is updated automatically.

You'll see the default Opus 10 toolbars afterwards, but you can turn your Opus 9 ones back on if you want.

Thanks Leo,

Makes me smile.