Importing text scripts for toolbars

I am trying to download the script text from aussieboykie's post for "Fast search with Everything"

The instructions are to download the text file and then drag it to the script page in preferences/toolbars.

I am trying to do this, but the script doesn't show up.

Am I doing something wrong?

I downloaded the text file from the post and didn't change it or anything. Do scripts require some other kind of treatment before they show up? Does DO have to be closed out before the script shows up, do I have to close out preferences? I have installed other scripts in the past with no problems. Has DO changed the script requirements from what was in the post?

I am kind of sitting here trying to figure it out, any help would be appreciated.

There are three threads by aussieboykie with that name or similar. Which one are you trying to use the script from? Could you paste the URL?

Here's the post

I ended up going to the response below it where the user said that the script was the same as what another user did, so I followed it to that link.

I had no problems with that.

However, the fact remains that I wasn't able to download the scrip in the original post

The text file in that post has the wrong extension: $es.js.v1.7.txt The version number there is breaking it. Only .js.txt or .js would work, not .js.v1.7.txt.

I think that script is old anyway. Aussieboykie has posted "version 2" of it in two other threads:

(I'm not sure why there are two threads for the 2nd version. Have msg'd him to ask which to keep and which to get rid of.)

Thanks, I guess that clears it up.

Apologies for creating confusion. :blush: The current version is this one.

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