Incorrect sort with beta

I updated to the beta for the improved detection of empty disk drives. However I now have an intermittent sort issue. If i have the size column selected in the file tree and click around in the folder tree, sometimes the file column fails to sort. See attached files. If I select name and then go back to size it sorts correctly. This started with the beta and did not exist with Thank You.

Those are all folders, which is probably significant.

Do you have automatic folder size calculation turned on?

Yes, folder size calculation on for local disks only. And you are correct, seems to be folders only, files ok. Thanks.

I also noticed that sometimes folders are not sorted correctly when:

  1. items are sorted by size (auto)
  2. mixing is set to mix files and folders together
  3. folder sizes are calculated automatically

(and I'm using details view)

Sometimes when I change folder (by double clicking a folder in lister) and calculating folder sizes is completed, items are not sorted again.

The sorting issue is still present with (5016).

Thanks for the additional details, this should be fixed in the next update.