Is it possible to set twin panes to be identical in format?


I am brand new to Directory Opus and have spent some time working through the many preferences but cannot find what I am looking for.

I prefer to work with twin panes (side by side) but I would like them to be the same size, e.g. same width and I would like the the columns to also be the same width on each side.

I've tried to do this manually (and I have turned off the auto-size option) but I find that on the next session, the panes on each side are not quite the same as one another.

I was hoping for an option to be able to make them identically sized/formatted.


For getting the same columns and widths in all folders (and on both sides): Folder Formats: Quick Guide

To make both sides equal size, double-click the splitter between them to auto-size it. The size would normally then be saved when you close the window. (Unless that is turned off, in which case use Settings > Set as Default Lister to save it explicitly. That also saves the current folders/tabs as the defaults for new windows.)

Thanks Leo.

The double-click on the splitter was easy. I will now spend some time reading the quick guide to see if I can get the column widths identical and saved.