Is there an automatic auto-rename function for moving files?


When I move files between two folders and a file with the same name already exists in the destination/target folder a pop-up window called "Confirm file replace" is displayed asking me if I would like to replace existing files, replace all existing files, auto-rename files or auto-rename all files.

Is there any way to get DOpus to automatically auto-rename all files by default ?

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Easily done:

Customize the copy/move button/hotkey to add WHENEXISTS=rename to the command.


Copy WHENEXISTS=rename



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Many thanks for the advice. Is it possible to make DOpus do this automatically when using drag-and-drop of files rather than by using a toolbar button and having to have two folders open in the same lister?

If this is possible could you please provide instructions on how to set this up as my knowledge of the advanced functions of DOpus is rather limited.

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Goto Settings->File Types from the menu bar and in the window that appears double-click on 'All files and folders'. In the editor window that pops up, you should see the commands that Opus is configured to run for each of the different drag-and-drop events... differentiated by holding down qualifier keys.

I think the regular 'drag-and-drop' command is copy movewhensame by default... you can change it to copy movewhensame whenexists=rename by double-clicking on it and modifying the command and that should do what you want.

Many thanks for the info, Steje - it works a treat - and to think I've be trying to work out how to do that for about a year.

If I may, I have another question along very similar lines, so I thought it best to use the same thread - I hope that's okay.

I have tried this technique when trying to move folders, but all that happens is the files from the source folder are moved into the existing target folder rather than creating a new target folder and adding a digit onto the folders name.

To summarise, if I want to move folder C:\001 to D:\ but a folder called D:\001 already exists, I would like the folder C:\001 to move to D:\001 (1) for example automatically. I hope that my explanation of what I am trying to achieve makes sense, if not then please let me know.

I have tried defining a drop event in File Types, All Folders, Events Tab using the command script "copy movewhensame whenexists=rename" as with the All Files & Folder event, which works okay for files, but does not work for folders.

Once again, many thanks for your help.

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