Issue: read directory contents left lister is slower

I have this issue with my dual lister configuration.

When i doubleclick the desktop or during opus startup, the contents of the left lister is read twice before its displayed eventually. The contens of the right lister is read instantly, no slow down here. The result is that it takes about 3 seconds before both lister contents are displayed and i can make use of the dual lister content.

I have my E: drive as default left lister path and D:\ drive in the right lister. Both drives are local (non removable type) storage. I have different folder tabs on both sides.

To move the issue forward, i've configured the D:\ drive in both the left and right lister but the left lister keeps struggling with the contents.

The process:

1.Doubleclick desktop, dual lister opens and loads the contents of the leftlister
2. Contents of left lister goes blank
3. Contents of the right lister is loaded and stays there
4. Contents of left lister is again loaded after 3 seconds.

Please help,

John van der Sluis

Could you post a screenshot showing what the lister looks like once it has opened? (I'm mainly interestsed in seeing all the tabs.) I'll try to create a similar setup on my machine and see if I can get the same thing to happen.

sure here it is

Note that some folder tabs are links to removable storage devices (not currently connected though) but none of the folder tabs are network drives. From what i can remember is that this issue presented itself for the first time after the 9006 upgrade. I currently use the latest version, build 7.

This seems to be due to having so many tabs. I'm not certain but I think Opus may be redrawing the visible tab each time one of the other tabs finishes loading.

Ok thanks for looking into this.

Should i log a support call with GP?


ok, just upgraded to 9008 and still experiencing slowdown.

i've created a demonstration movie which will clearly show the issue. The movie is shot in 8 frames per second so the slowdown is less dramatic in real time.

please notice that the contents of the left lister is read twice..

The movie is an executable created with Demo Builder 6. Press escape to quit the movie.

Click here

Any ideas?

Did you report the issue to GPSoft in the end?

BTW, I'm pretty sure the window is just being redrawn and the directory isn't being re-read. Looks similar but isn't the same and the distinction might make the problem easier to track down.