Issues with high DPI support in DOpus 10

Based on the release notes of DOpus 10 DPI issues should now be a thing of the past, so I'm not sure if I've found a bug, or I've just not configured DOpus properly.

I'm using Windows7x86 in a HTPC environment supporting 1080p, and I've set a custom DPI of 175%. I've noticed that DOpus 10 does scale to some degree, but as much as Windows Explorer. This screen shot should make it clear:


  1. lister built-in buttons do not scale - fixing this is a nice to have for me; and
    2.lister text is not as big as Windows Explorer - this a big issue for me.

Interestingly, the text in the menu and tool bar controls do scale nicely to match Windows Explorer, but it seems like the graphics don't.

More info:
[ul][li]It seems DOpus scales up to 150%, the largest built-in (i.e., not custom) DPI setting. Not sure if it has any relevance.[/li]
[li]I've set the DPI setting to use XP-Style (based on this thread), but it didn't change anything.[/li]
[li]System has been rebooted to ensure settings are correctly applied.[/li][/ul]

Anybody is using DOpus 10 on custom high DPI?

  1. True, we don't have larger versions of the file display border icons.

  2. You can set the font sizes to whatever you want via Preferences - Display - Colors & Fonts.

OK, no biggie. Just thought it's worth mentioning.

Sure, and that's the workaround I'm already using.

That said, could it be resolved for next version so that DOpus will be in alignment with Windows Explorer in regards to how the software handles custom DPI? Should I raise this as a bug?

Doesn't seem like a bug, just using a slightly different default font size to Explorer when you can set the size to whatever you want either way.

What problem does it cause?

When DPI is set to 100% (Windows default) the font size in Windows Explorer would match that of DOpus, and the same goes for 150% DPI. However, in 175% DPI there are some inconsistencies: the menu text is scaled up correctly, but not the lister text. That smells like a bug to me.

Nothing that I can't resolve with a manual font size change, so I've a workaround for it.

The custom DPI is set in a HTPC sitting about 3m away from me. I configured 175% DPI to be able to read from so far away. All Microsoft applications I use work fine with that DPI, but with DOpus I've to slightly increase the font size to make it big enough to read.

Has DPI awarness been implemented in v11, or is it planned? Have the same issue, have a 4K screen that I connect my laptop to, would be much easier if one only needs one place to adjust the Text size.

Some DPI issues have been fixed, yes. The file display border icons mentioned above now have larger versions which are switched in automatically to match the fobt size.

Almost all fonts are set in one place in Preferences. It only takes a minute to change them.