Here is my theme.

High resolution

Download Theme for DOpus 9

The download link and help support for this theme is not maintained anymore.
Please opt for Kodama theme instead.

The download includes both a Theme (.dlt file) and a full Configuration Backup (.ocb file).

Unlike themes (.dlt files), configuration backups replace your entire configuration. Installing a configuration backup will change every single Opus setting, and all your toolbars, folder formats, etc., to the ones saved in the file by the author.

If you only want to affect visual settings then do not install configuration backups; only install actual theme files (.dlt).

If you install the .ocb file be sure to backup your own configuration first so that you can go back to it. Use Settings -> Backup & Restore to create a backup of your configuration.[/b]

Hope you'll appreciate :wink:

Please let me know your comment & evaluation.

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