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Keep rational column sizes/orders


This is driving me nuts... I've selected my default columns/order for the lister in preferences, and turned off the disastrous "auto-size" (good grief, folks, who needs half the width for the tree and 1/3 for the file names), but the result is that it gives extremely narrow name columns.
I want to be able to set a rational default, have it applied everywhere, and only override it for individual folders.
(And, while I'm asking... where is the key binding settings? I'd really like ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift-tab to move forth-and-back between tabs.)


Have a look at the Folder Formats: Quick Guide and watch the video tutorial.

key binding settings?

Settings-Keyboard Map


I found and read that page before posting. It's not clear to me how to make it work. And I'd rather not watch a video to get what should be a simple two-menu click.

Settings has:

  • Preferences
  • Customize Toolbars
  • Toolbars
  • File Types
  • Set As Default Lister
  • Lister Layouts
  • Lister Themes
  • Backup and Restore

There doesn't seem to be a Keyboard option in Preferences; when I search (bottom left) for "keyboard", it only finds File Displays - Mouse, File Displays - Options (which only has keyboard delay) and File Display Modes - Power Mode.

I'm running 12 Pro. Might I be in a weird mode?


Keyboard commands are configured through Settings / Customize / Keys. You can also get there from Help / Keyboard Map.


Jon, I don't have a "Settings / Customize". Again, am I running a different mode?
Under Settings, there is a "Preferences" option which brings up a big select, but no keyboard. And "Customize Toolbars."

Seriously, it seems like you guys aren't even running the same application. This is my menu:
As you can see, no "Customize", no "Keys". And the Preferences, searching "key":

No relevant hits. (Options is for keyboard delay.)

Please help me... did I install some weird unofficial version despite paying for Premium?


Settings / Customize and Settings / Customize Toolbars are the same thing.