Labels don't appear immediately after copying ~120mb files

I have a directory containing various large video files (up to 6GB) which I have labelled with a custom label set. The drive is formatted as NTFS. When copying any files larger than a threshold size- which I have determined to be around 120MB- to another directory on the same drive, or any other NTFS drive, the labels are not maintained. (Moving the files does maintain the labels, however).

I have enabled the relevant option in preferences ("Enable label storage in the file system (NTFS volumes only)"), and as I say, it works fine on small files, so this appears to be a bug, unless I'm missing something?

I'm using the latest version of Dopus on Windows 10.

Is File Operations / Copy Attributes / Copy Metadata turned on?

Thanks for the quick reply, Leo. Yes, sorry, I meant to also say that both Copy Metadata and Copy all NTFS data streams are checked.

My guess is that something is scanning the files as/after they are written and taking longer with the larger files, locking them in the process and preventing the metadata being copies.

If my guess is correct, a Process Monitor log should confirm it:

If you make a log, please let us know the name(s) of some files which had the metadata copied successfully and unsuccessfully, so we know what to look for.


It looks like the labels are in fact maintained, but Dopus seems to "forget" about them after copying files larger than that threshold size. On my system at least, exiting and restarting Dopus solves this- making the labels re-appear.

That could be the same type of thing I mentioned just above, but with something else locking the files after the metadata is copied but before it is re-read, preventing Opus from seeing the labels.

A process monitor log would be useful if you'd like us to investigate and potentially fix what's happening there.

I have the same problem, so attached a Process Monitor log.
I'm glad the problem will be fixed. (199.6 KB)

If you push F5 to refresh the folder, does the label appear then?

Thank you for the quick reply.
When I pushed F5, the label appeared!
But I found another wrong case. Labels set to large video files still haven't appeared. I guess the threshold label appears correctly or not is copy progress dialog pops up or not. (It seems labels always appear when the dialog doesn't appear, that is the files aren't large.)
Please see an attached file. (275.5 KB)

We've made some changes for the next beta which should fix things here, at least for the issue in the OP where the labels do appear after an F5 refresh.

Regarding the second issue, where the label is not copied at all, the log files shows there was an access denied error trying to write the label on one of the two files. I'm not sure why though, as the sequence of events looks the same for both files. It could be to do with the antivirus scanner that's looking at both the file contents and metadata, but I'm not certain it is that either, from looking at the log. (In the longer term, we're changing how this metadata is copied so that Windows itself does it for us, so that may resolve the second thing, if it is something we're doing and not due to something external blocking write access to the metadata.)