Labels Under Thumbnails - More Options Please

Photo Thumbnails Labels Feature Request

Date Taken: I display 'Date Taken' under photo thumbnails, but if the photos does not have a Date Taken, the Date Created is displayed. Please change that! If I view photos in Details mode, and there is no date Taken for a Photo, the field is left blank, so I think it should be left blank under thumbnails.

Rating Please add Rating as an option for displaying and editing under thumbnails. Adding Rating is best done when viewing the photos. In Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photo Mechanic, Phototheca, Adobe Bridge, and all the other photo applications I can think of, one can display and edit/change ratings under thumbnails.

Tags Like ratings, I would like to be able to see Tags under thumbnails. That is as standard option and is available in the applications listed above.

I think tags could end up needing a lot of space, at which point Tiles mode may be a better fit. That lets you choose which information is displayed next to thumbnails, and lets you have more room to place it.

Tiles would also give more control over exactly which date field(s) is/are displayed. Might be worth a try.

For the rating, there's an option to overlay ratings on thumbnails. It's only for display and won't let you edit them, but something like Star Ratings Buttons/Menu should take care of that and streamline the workflow. (In-place editing would definitely make sense in the future, though. I'll add it to the ideas list.)

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Yes, Tags can and do often require a lot of space. In other applications, if there are a lot of tags for a photo, they won't all be displayed and one would need to view larger thumbnails to see more tags.
I haven't used Tiles mode. I will give that a try.