Star Ratings Buttons/Menu

Star Ratings Buttons/Menu

  • These buttons are from Wilser's original post.
  • I have modified Wilser's original buttons so that they use the Star Ratings Icon-Set (or any alternative icon-set which uses the same icon names, ratings0 to ratings5), to save you having to edit the buttons.

Example screenshot:

This shows two ways of using the buttons: In a menu and on the toolbar directly. The download gives you the menu version; if you want the toolbar version, go into Customize mode and drag the stars from the menu out to your toolbar.

Installing the menu:

(Note: Install the separate Star Ratings Icon-Set first.)

  • (463 Bytes)

  • Extract Set_Rating.dcf from the zip.

  • Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars in Opus, which will open the Customize window.

  • Drag Set_Ratings.dcf to your toolbar where you want the new menu to be.

  • Click OK in the Customize window.


Each button runs a command like SetAttr META=rating:5 (use 0 to clear the rating, or 1-5 to set it).


I've updated these buttons so that they no longer deselect things after changing their ratings.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Leo, FYI, the zip file contains a file called "Set_Rating.dcf.dcf". Not a problem here but it may be for some users.

Thanks! I've fixed it and replaced the zip.

I can't get this to work for me. There is nowhere that it will accept the drop. The mouse cursor icon says in the 'default toolbars' tab that it did accept the drop, but this didn't appear anywhere.

I dropped it on the user commands. It added a command but don't think that did much.
Dropped it on editing a new button. That didn't work. Now I have a star icon on my toolbar that I can click on that's a dud.

(It would be nice to have this up top globally, and have the ratings column appear only for media folders).

The instructions in the root post say:

Drag Set_Ratings.dcf to your toolbar where you want the new menu to be

It sounds like you've dragged it just about everywhere except to your toolbar :slight_smile:

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Right. I mistook dragging the file into the customize window, instead of Opus simply being in customize mode. Yikes. I knew it was something easy like that.