Star Ratings Buttons/Menu

Star Ratings Buttons/Menu

  • These buttons are from Wilser's original post.
  • I have modified Wilser's original buttons so that they use the Star Ratings Icon-Set (or any alternative icon-set which uses the same icon names, ratings0 to ratings5), to save you having to edit the buttons.

Example screenshot:

This shows two ways of using the buttons: In a menu and on the toolbar directly. The download gives you the menu version; if you want the toolbar version, go into Customize mode and drag the stars from the menu out to your toolbar.

Installing the menu:

(Note: Install the separate Star Ratings Icon-Set first.)

  • (463 Bytes)

  • Extract Set_Rating.dcf from the zip.

  • Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars in Opus, which will open the Customize window.

  • Drag Set_Ratings.dcf to your toolbar where you want the new menu to be.

  • Click OK in the Customize window.


Each button runs a command like SetAttr META=rating:5 (use 0 to clear the rating, or 1-5 to set it).

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I've updated these buttons so that they no longer deselect things after changing their ratings.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Leo, FYI, the zip file contains a file called "Set_Rating.dcf.dcf". Not a problem here but it may be for some users.

Thanks! I've fixed it and replaced the zip.