DOpus 10 - Useable as Media Organizer?


As DOpus 10 supports now meta data of files, I thought it could be nice to use it as a small media organizer.

This is what I would like to realize:

Rating Button:
SetAttr META=rating:4 e.g. gives 4 stars to the marked files.
But how I could I make a button, which filters the folder to only show files rated with 4 stars?

Tag Button:
SetAttr META/O=tags:Test sets the tag "test" to marked files.
But it overwrites all the other tags and itself. How could I do a button, which toggles and add/remove single tags?

Virtual Folders:
Is it possible to create an button, which displays all files with user-defined search words?
Example: A button, which shows all files tagged with "test" or/and 4 stars in a virtual (search) folder.

That 3 things would be the most useful to me. Do you think it's realizable?

(Answers below, but blease ask one question per thread in future.)

This command uses a Windows Search query to find things rated 4-starts:

Find QUERY rating:"4 stars"

You shouldn't have the "/O" there. The /O etc. just indicate the type of argument and aren't part of the argument/command-line itself.

It's just SetAttr META=tags:Test

I don't know if there is a way to add a tag to the existing tags via the command line. Send in a feature request if nobody else here can come up with a way.

[quote]Is it possible to create an button, which displays all files with user-defined search words?
Example: A button, which shows all files tagged with "test" or/and 4 stars in a virtual (search) folder.[/quote]

Yes, using the Windows Search stuff mentioned above. This thread has some discussion and useful links.

You can add and remove tags as follows:

SetAttr META=tags:+add;-remove

This does not work for me. If I create a button with this code and click on it in a folder with several 4-stars rated files it does not find them.

It was a copy-paste failure, but you're right :slight_smile:

[quote="leo"]This thread has some discussion and useful links.[/quote]#
I will have a look on it!

Great, that works.

Thanks at you both for your support.

The folder may need to be indexed by Windows Search. Not sure.

Found this thread looking for examples to set the Ratings metadata field. Thanks!

One challenge I had with adding a menu similar to this was having icons for it. So I made variations on one of the included 'large star' icons that shows 5 levels of being filled, to mirror 1- through 5-star ratings. Attached a zip with a DOpus menu button xml and the images to go with it, for any interested. (25.4 KB)

I liked the idea of those icons and was about to turn them into an icon-set so people could use them more easily, but I found they had fringing around the shadows if the background colour wasn't close to white, so I decided to re-make them.

I've posted the icon-set and the modified menu, with credit to you for the originals, in these two threads:

[ul][li]Star Ratings Icon-Set[/li]
[li]Star Ratings Button/Menu[/li][/ul]

OMFG fringing!!



Horrendous!!! Must look horrible on your blue toolbars!

Not as horrible as you.



Awesome - thanks Leo! I'm new to the forums and don't customize this sort of thing that much. Yours are much better and I'm definitely using them instead.

[quote="leo"]This command uses a Windows Search query to find things rated 4-stars:

Find QUERY rating:"4 stars"[/quote]
I am battling with this. I find my test file successfully with the command find query tags:"Excel" but not with find query rating:"4 stars". I've also tried "4 star", and just "4". I noticed that you refer to 4-stars (with a hyphen) in your original statement so I tried that too. No joy. What am I doing wrong?

Regards, AB

I notice that this thread is about 2 years old but one question in it never got answered. Well, I guess the answer was found but it never got disclosed in the thread: what is the exact code to filter the ratings? The 'Find QUERY rating:"4 stars" from Leo did not work.

Thanks for the help!

Find QUERY rating:"4 stars" is the right command, but it'll only work with ratings that Windows Search can understand, since that command runs the query through Windows Search. It works on MP3 files. It probably doesn't work on XLS files.

You can use Tools -> Find Panel -> Advanced to run the search using Opus's own routines instead of Windows Search.

Alright Leo. Thanks for answering.
Advanced search would not work for what I'm trying to accomplish. I need these buttons to stay visible on the screen all the time. So, I just thought of a cheesy work around: Find QUERY comment:"". In it, "sucks'=1 stars to "great"=5 stars and I just use a star image for each of the 5 buttons; Problem solved the cheesy way :slight_smile:

You can save advanced filters that search for a particular star rating, then create buttons which run the Find command with those filters.

Oh OK! great to know. I know you have tons of questions to reply to, just one last question for the day: what's an example of code for such button?

Once again thanks for replying.


I made a quick video showing what to do. (To see it larger, view it on YouTube or full-screen it.)

So you don't have to pause the video or type things manually, here are the two key parts in text form.

The filters are like this (obviously you can change this if you want something slightly different, e.g. matching exact star values instead of that many stars or greater):

Rating -- Match -- Is greater or equal to -- 5

The commands are like this:

Find FILTER NAME="5Stars" IN {sourcepath$}

Apr 2013: Some later discussion related to this thread has been split into a separate thread: Find query by rating.

@leo, thanks for taking time to do the vid; works 100%
Now I have to work around hurdle #2: tags. I'll continue over in my tags thread.