Length of selected files

[Note: In Opus there's now a Path Length column, and you can also search based on path length (e.g. to find everything with paths longer than the limit that will fit on a CD or similar). --Leo]

I create a little script with AutoIt to return the number of characters of selected files...

This script must be use with Directory Opus only.
Create button and use this command : LongueurFichier.exe {filepath$}

Update v2.1:
You have now lenght with and without extension.

Update v2:
You can now create a file's list with format filename.ext,full,short.
You can choose between txt or csv, you must add 2nd argument txt or csv like this :

Open only popup message:
LongueurFichier.exe {filepath$}
Create txt file:
LongueurFichier.exe {filepath$} txt
Create csv file:
LongueurFichier.exe {filepath$} csv


In zip file, there are 6 files:

  • EXE file is compiled AutoIt script.
  • DCF files are buttons (Enter "Customize" mode and grad&drop dcf file to toolbar).
  • AU3 file is AutoIt source script (only if you want to modify the script).
  1. Put "LongueurFichier.exe" where you want
  2. Create new button in toolbar and use this command line
<your path>\LongueurFichier.exe {filepath$} <argument>
  1. select files and clic on this new button

Warning : DCF file use a default folder for "LongueurFichier.exe", if you use it, put the compiled script in the good folder (/dopusdata\tools).

Include : AutoIt script, executable and buttons
File lenght for Directory Opus (AlbatorV) v2.1.zip (241 KB)
File lenght for Directory Opus (AlbatorV) v2.zip (240 KB)
File lenght for Directory Opus (AlbatorV).zip (270 KB)

Just for information: Where do you need this?

where or why ?

At job we work on network and we have problem when fullpath have more than 256 characters... or when you burn file for e.g.

I see.
Maybe I should have written "why" but I found it could be misunderstood as "why do you need such nonsense" :wink:


Thanks AlbatorV :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Currently the script displays a separate dialog box for every file, is there a way I can have the script return ALL results in a single TXT file?

Now it's possible gbadesha. See the first post...

Hi. I have had luck to found this script that I was searching. But I would need exactly that it counts the number of characters WITHOUT the .extension, so I would not have to make this calculation by myself.

How I could get it?

Thx & greetz-

Now it's possible liserg. See the first post...

Hello, I forgot how to run this script... I create a button and then select FUNCTION: then find the LonguerFichier file. Then? What do I do with the other 3 files.? I am using v2

thank you

I have also forgotten how to install this script :frowning:

I can create a button but all I can get it to do is run the .exe file which tells me to create a button

Can you please explain step by step how to install this fine script?

"How to install" is add to the first post...

Awesome - thanks AlbatorV :slight_smile:

Being able to create a txt file with all files is just brilliant!!! :slight_smile:

You know what would be the best thing ever now is.... being able to edit that txt file to name the files within a character limit and then being able to use that txt file to auto rename the actual files to match. Would that be at all possible?

  1. if you want to create list of selected files, you don't need to use this script. Just select files, in menu "Edit"/""Copy filenames" and paste in text file (or better directly in folder).
  2. you can rename file with a txt file. I add this in: Rename Toolbar v3 (english and french)

In Opus there's now a Path Length column, and you can also search based on path length (e.g. to find everything with paths longer than the limit that will fit on a CD or similar).

Yes, many thanks for this.
It's very useful for me.

Hello. I was delighted and surprised to find someone with a similar dilemma to my own as to needing to know the character count for file names. I have a service that I have to upload files to that kicks back errors if the file length is greater than 100 characters. It's annoying but a fact of life. It was a great start to find this thread about the path length column. I was wondering if there had been any advancements in this regard to display either a file length column or perhaps a filename length count in the lower status bar for the selected file next to it's size?

As always, thanks for an awesome product and for any info you can share as to any possible fix for my request.

This should do what you want:

I am afraid that's not possible (yet).

thanks for the guidance. Is there a down and dirty set of steps to actually add a custom column? I didn't see anything in the core columns menu. Thanks again!

You'll find it in the script section:

Or use a button

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="scp:Name Length/NameLen"