Let Windows theme determine "File display background"

I usually change my windows theme twice a day (black-on-white in the morning, gray-on-black at night). Is there a way to make Directory Opus's "File display background" color match the system theme's background color? I checked the FAQ's, forum searches, and manual, and it seems like the answer's NO. This surprises me since I would expect an application that is exclusively native to Windows and that is this configurable, to allow the user to choose whether or not to override the system's colors.

So, am I missing something obvious here? Is this option in a check box that I simply overlooked? BTW, I'm using Directory Opus 11.8. I'm new to the forums, fairly new to Windows in fact, and am very impressed with this piece of software.

Opus will use the system colours as the defaults, but once they are saved into your config (along with other colours which have no Windows system equivalents, and thus can't come from the system), they will stay that way until changed or reset.