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Lister Crash

Secondary internal Drive D
Every time the Drive D is accessed, the lister crashes.
File Explorer does not have this issue.

Created New folder and moved video contents, did not help.
File Explorer does not have this issue.

Please follow the instructions in Crash dumps for bug reports to send us a crash dump for analysis. Thanks!

dmp emailed, thanks.

We haven't received an email yet. Can you check if it sent successfully? Note that you usually need to zip the dump files to make them small enough to email.

I've been getting that same crash which for me started several builds ago (at least three+ months). I'm on Win7.64 and I have absolutely no shell extensions or DO plugins, and Windows Explorer has no problems. Most common event for me is when pasting a file, nothing special other than it's likely from one drive to another on the same machine. Same stuff I do all day. I just stopped by to see if others were reporting crashes and if it was acknowledged as an issue. I don't use DO that much anymore so I'm not too concerned, I'll just revert back to 12.9 or something.
But here's my report about it... take it for what it's worth! :slight_smile:

Please send us a crash dump file. We can't fix things if you don't report them.

The dump file came though, thanks for sending it.

Can you be more specific please about exactly what you do that causes the crash? Originally you said "on any access" but in the email you mentioned playing video files. Does it crash simply by navigating to the drive? Or only when you double-click a video file to play it?

crash simply by navigating to the drive?

yes. sometimes it won't crash immediately and there is time to open a video, and then it will crash.

The crash dump indicates it's a shell extension that's going wrong, and not Opus itself.

If it only happens when you double-click videos, and/or enter folders containing videos, then I'd focus on video-related software. (If you're in Thumbnails or Tiles modes, or displaying thumbnails via another method -- e.g. hovering over the file before double-clicking, for long enough to trigger the infotip with a thumbnail --, or if you have the viewer pane open, then it could also be video codecs/splitters crashing.)

The crash dumps show several shell extensions installed, but don't give a definite indication of which one is causing the problem. So the best thing to do is try disabling them all, and then re-enable a few at a time until the issue comes back. Repeating that process should quickly narrow it down to the problem component.

Once you know the component causing the problem, check if there's an update for it. If there isn't, you can leave its shell extension disabled while still using whatever other functionality the program it came from provides, or uninstall it. Let the authors of it know there's a problem so they can fix it as well, and let us know so we can keep an eye on similar issues other people might have. (If a component causes enough problems without a fix, we can block Opus from loading it to save other people from the problem.)

This guide explains what to do in detail:

I do have two of the apps listed Acronis True Image and Nopade ++
Thanks so much for the help, will report back here if anything is discovered.