Lister display with file icons extremely slow

Szenario: DO 12.22 x64, Windows 10
In a network share there is a folder with ~ 16.000 files. Displaying the file list without icons (Preferences - File display modes - details - display icons off) takes ~ 2 seconds in Details mode. Setting display icons on, it takes ~ 18 seconds. Even worse, display mode "Small Icons" takes ~ 2 minutes to display the folder.
Windows file explorer is instantaneous in all modes.
Using Process Explorer, there is no recognizable increase in CPU time, disk or network traffic while DO is unresponding until display is ready.
Any way to speed this up?

thanks and regards,
Rudolf Korne

Please try with the current version before anything else. 12.22 is two years old.

Are there any shortcuts in the folder being viewed?

No change with Version 12.30.
The folder did contain 2 shortcuts, removing them didn't change anything.

Please make a Process Monitor log of what happens when the folder is read and send it to us, including details of which folder/path it was.

Sorry, tried to run Procmon, but it requires admin rights. I am in a very restricted company environment.
Any other suggestions?

You could turn on Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... all folders.

If things are fast then, then the problem could be a shell extension which something else has installed and which is slow to provide icons when asked. Or possibly antivirus blocking for a long time when the folders, shell extensions or other things they access are loaded by dopus.exe. But it will be difficult to work out the exact cause without admin rights, as the diagnostic tools all need that.

Generic Icons helps, this is good enough. Thanks for your help.