Listing Drive letters before drive name

Windows Explorer in XP has an obscure feature for putting the drive letter before the drive name when listing the drives on the computer. I was wondering if Directory Opus has this feature as well.

If you mean in the folder tree then you can change that via Preferences - Listers - Folder Tree, at the top.

If you mean on toolbar Drive-Buttons then you can add lettersbeforelabels to the command which generates the buttons, like this:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,lettersbeforelabels

Smack my hand for not looking properly (it probably didn't appear in DOpus until after a reboot).

The Windows setting also affects the DOpus display. I've answered my own question.

Just be aware that the options to control drive letters before labels in Microsofts TweakUI PowerToy can sometimes wreak havoc with how this is configured and displayed in Opus...

I've not heard of it causing problems?

Thanks everyone for your comments. I can now see the setting in Preferences (thanks Leo).

I tried applying the setting in DOpus. It would appear that you can't have the WinExplorer setting and the DOpus setting together. I currently have the setting (drive letters first) in WinExplorer. Clicking on '(C) local disk' in DOpus shows only the drive letter. I suspect DOpus is editing the string it gets from WinExplorer and assuming the format is 'drive name' followed by 'drive letter'. This is easy to live with.

In case it is not clear, if you want drive letter first in both WinExplorer and DOpus, make the setting in WinExplorer but leave the DOpus setting as 'drive name' followed by 'drive letter'.

Is that in the folder tree or in drive buttons?

In Preferences> Listers> Folder tree> Appearance section at the top.

Probably NOT Drive Buttons, but CERTAINLY the folder tree...

I posted something a while back here about it after trying to narrow down what the story was. I "thought" I might have reported as a bug as well, but may not have as if I recall correctly I thought this was something being fouled up by Tweakui and not likely to be "fixable" by Opus...