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Loading times too slow

Hello, after the latest update 12.13 (build 7035) on windows 10x64, double clicking on desktop or directly opening program from start menu delays.
I takes over 20 seconds for Directory Opus to load and show the listers. Initially it is as if nothing has happened. I click multiple times, still nothing happens, and eventually two or three instanses appear...
No splash screen or other indication that DO is running except from Task Manager.
No tabs are pointing to offline or network drives.
I would appreciate your suggestions

Please try 12.14.

Hello, I have updated.
Initially DO opens faster, but after a few days, again it is unresponsive on load.
Double click on desktop does not seem to work.
Right click> open new Lister takes two-three attempts before DO loads.

What's the CPU usage like when this starts happening?

Do you have any network drives which are unreachable, either mapped to drive letters or referenced on your toolbars or open folder tabs?

A manually generated dump while the problem is happening might shed light on the cause.

Hello again,
after latest update this issue seems to be initiated again.
It takes 3 times to right click> open new Lister, in order to see D.O.
Windows Explorer will start immediately when I click it from the start menu.
I also have set D.O. to start with Windows with no delay but does not seem to fix the issue.

Leo answered you 10 months ago, did you notice?


Is there some hostility in your response?

I did notice Leo's answer.
The answer is no network drives are mapped on toolbars or open folder tabs.
And after a few updates D.O. did start properly.
Recently the issue started again and that is the reason I am mentioning this.
I have manually created a dump file and sending the link to as suggested.

What's the CPU usage like when this starts happening?

Could you send some additional dump files? The one you sent points to a couple of places in the code which might be involved, but it could also just be pure chance that one or both of them happened to be executing when the dump was created. This is why the instructions say to make more than one dump.

If you have hard drives in your system try going into the windows 10 power settings and disable the power saving feature that turns off hard disks.

All my drives have power saving to off.

So I went into startup settings and set DO to start with Windows and also removed startup delay.

Now upon rebooting task manager shows D.O. running in the background, and after right click> New Lister, Opus opens immediately.

Nice! The startup delay feature of windows is supposed to speed up windows startup times but for some apps it causes issues like you saw. Windows really should prioritize startup applications that you use frequently but yeah, Microsoft is Microsoft.