Lost "Lister" Need

Back a couple of years I was trying to Maximise my use of the "Lister" and had needs that were not available. About the same time Directory Opus meeting change extending the capability of the Lister.

Here's my problem. I forgot what it was. Actually it involved the "Lister" & "ToolBars". It might have been to load a different toolbar to the current Lister your using, on-the-fly.

I know this is a, crazy request by now that I have a bit of a handle on macros and Opus I feel it's time to redesign my concept of the Lister. Especially since there've been many changes that have been made available to us the last couple of years.

Could you rephrase that, please? I'm not sure what you are asking.

Leo, I truly expected this type a response from you. I say that with a smile. I guess the feature I'm looking for is more valuable to me than most others. You had responded to 1 of my old messages about the feature I was looking for. With my luck it was added about half a year later. They had to do with the "Lister and the use of ToolBars. It might have been how the Lister use the toolbar or how they were moved into the Lister.

I think it might've been where I use a Lister but have it set up for different uses. Kind of like having a master Lister and being able to make if you toolbar changes to use it for other purposes. All I can really remember for sure, it was a feature that was well received. It also had much to do about the Lister and the toolbars. I think, if my memory serves me right aussieboykie like the feature also.

But I know this probably the worst requests that you had on this forum. But one thing I do remember it was a fantastic feature and I'm get ready to put together what I would call a fantastic Lister. Well at least in my eyes.

Are you talking about saving different toolbar sets in different layouts?

There "used to be" a STYLES toolbar from when I started using DOPUS - which I still use to this day.

Yes. Some Listers, Layouts, would have the same toolbar and unique toolbars to the Lister. I work with the Builders Industry, in Wisconsin. I have approximately 7 different layouts that I need. All the layouts would have builder information. Some only have subdivision information. While others might have municipality information. The builder layout would not need municipality information but would need be subdivision information. There are many situations where toolbars would be shared between the layouts.

But I do believe that Listers could always share the toolbars.

I just can't, for the life of me, figure out what that one element is that I'm missing. Most likely it was added with Opus 11.

I'm doing a total reinstall on all my listers hoping that I will be forced into that wall therefore revealing that feature I need.

I know this sounds crazy, but can I say.

Whales? Lupus? Voice recognition thing is working well :grin:

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As I'm setting up my new Lister I think I found what I'm looking for.
And I would place money on that it's a feature added with Opus version 11. Thank's to all for taking a stab at the unknown.

Having a layout that displays certain folders/tabs and which loads certain toolbars inside the lister itself is easy. << Create a Lister as its own entity, unique to itself

I have found an old topic that might define better what I'm trying to accomplish. I believe that Opus v12 has the features I'm looking for. Just don't know what they are.

Sorry that was
I need to train a couple of words in Nuance Dragon.

You can also review and edit immediately after posting. I think you meant to say building industry rather then billing industry.

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Thanks again.