Low quality icons from FileMenu Tools within Opus

I haven't tested whether this pertains to all explorer menus shown within Directory Opus, or just FMT menus, but, I use an extremely useful program named "File Menu Tools" (FMT) which allows you to add your own programs to a customizable menu.

In Explorer itself, when bringing up the FMT menu, all icons look normal; however, when bringing up the FMT menu within DO, the icons all look really bad. Hard to describe, but it's as if they're being shown as 8 bit or something, whereas they're shown as 16 bit in all other areas of Windows.

Here's a screen shot of the menu in both regular Explorer (an item from the Desktop), and within DO, (an item within a lister). I should mention it makes no difference where within DO, or which type of item is selected, the icons always look the same. If you look close at all matching icons (i.e. the 7 zip icons, "Coding", "File", "Audio", etc.) you'll see the difference pretty easily. I've noticed this through many versions of DO, I'm only just now bringing it up, because it's been driving me insaaaaaaaaaaane!!! :joy:

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Which version of Opus are you seeing that with?

All versions. I also recently installed the latest 12.6 in a VM to test, and it still shows the same. In fact, the screenshot is from within the VM using DO 12.6.

This has been fixed for Opus 12.6.3 & above.

Thanks for the report!

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awesome! super fast! Just out of curiosity from a programmer's standpoint (I'm one myself), what was it? was I right about the low bit depth?

It wasn't to do with bit depth, but how the alpha channel was handled when the shell extension provides its menu icons in an unusual way (as custom checkmarks instead of as the main icons).

Interesting! Would you say this is the first shell extension you've seen do this? I've been wrestling with some system crashes for a while now, and I've suspected FMT as the source, but haven't truly been able to pinpoint it yet. I'm still whittling things down. Do you think the way the author did that might be a potential source of system instability?

First we've noticed, but what FMT is doing is not wrong or anything, it's just unusual and something we had overlooked as a result.

It wouldn't make it more or less likely to be connected to any other problems.

If you have crash dumps, feel free to email them to us and we can see if they indicate which component is causing the problem, and if it's Opus or something external.

ok, ty. Will do. :+1: