MaxTo crashes when opening image files

I get seemingly random crashes of dopus.viewpic when opening image files (mostly .pngs generated with Greenshot):


When I click "yes" after this popup is shown

the second attempt to open the same file works most of the time. Closing the image viewer and clicking the file again crashes again with exactly the same message.

I found in other threads that this option sometimes seems to make a difference:

But for me it does not and crashes no matter if it's disabled or enabled.

Here is the list of installed plugins. I can't remember adding anything here myself, so it should be standard:


Sending you the crash dumps now.

It's crashing when ShowWindow is called on the viewer, in what looks like a subclass proc something has installed that is now in deallocated memory (e.g. code that was in a DLL which was unloaded without the subclass being removed).

You have MaxTo installed which modifies how windows behave when shown and resized, so I would suspect that as the cause. Does it still happen if you uninstall it? If you no longer see the problem with it uninstalled, please report the issue to them so they can fix it.

If uninstalling MaxTo doesn't make a difference, please send us some sample images that cause the problem. (From the DMP files, though, it doesn't look like the issue should be tied to any particular image, as the crash isn't happening in code that deals with the images themselves.)


To say that this is amazing support would still be an understatement for what you're doing here!

I disabled MaxTo and now it's not crashing any more. Thank you so much, this was really annoying.

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