MD5 checksum as context menu

I have this small MD5 checksum utility v.2.31 from Tsoft (md5.exe 102.400 bytes), that can be run by just double clicking.
The checksum is first copied to clipboard and then this MD5.exe is run. This requires to first go to where this exe is located,
then after launch MD5 to browse to where the dowload folder is saved, etc.

I wonder whether this can be added to the context menu, i.e. I rightclick on the a file and run MD5 from the context menu.
Needcase I can put the .exe in the Directory Opus folder.


(way back in 2007 there was a similar request here, but I think it is better to start a new thread)

Why no using the built-in MD5 from DOpus?

Thanks. Have to confess: wasn't aware of this.

Note, the MD5.EXE compares an existing checksum (which has been clipboard copied) to an existing
(usually downloaded) file and it shows green when the checksums match, or red when they don't.


Try this in a button

Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash3
"<Path to MD5.EXE>" {file}

First line copies MD5 of selected file(s) to clipboard
Second lines calls MD5.exe for the selected file(s)

See Help for more info on MD5.

Thanks again. This brings up the MD5 window alright, but I still need to 'browse' to the file I want to check.
Upon 2nd thought, I am afraid it is not possible, because it is necessary to click on the browse button.

You may need to adapt the command line. Check the MD5 program for hints.

Have done some searches on this. I am not sure if there is some kind of help-file or something.
Anyway, it is no big deal and not worth spending much time on getting it working.
It was/is just a 'nice to have' :wink:

I haven't actually used it but this looks like a better tool to do the same thing: SendTo MD5

I found it via a quick web search, which led me to this thread on SuperUser with lots of other suggestions.

Thanks indeed!

I think SendToMD5 is the most straightforward app - no need to install, very small and no need to browse
once attached to 'Sendto' in the context menu.
Actually, once 1 comparision is done, hit clear button and drag another file into grey input box - paste the
md checksum in the empty box and that's it.

thanks again!

just my two cents:

another great tool (shareware) is BeyondCompare which, by default, installs itself into the shell (right-click context menu) anyway. while that is sufficient enough for most Windows Explorer users (4 clicks altogether: rightclick file1, select command, rightclick file2, select command), Dopus users can create a 3-way button. Comparing 2 files would "cost" max. 3 clicks (select file1, select file2, dopus-button).

another popular tool, if you really need to SEE the md5 (or sha1 or crc32 or etc.), then Hashtab 4.0 is my recommendation, which works with right click too (via the File Properties dialogue). Freeware. Dopus MD5 is MD5 only; no crc32, no sha-1, no nothing else. That's why i need Hashtab and also BeyondCompare, and both are worth their price! :wink:

Thanks for your comments.

Did some checking on the other apps, like Hashmyfile and Beyond Compare but
I think they require too many clicks and so on.

Let's assume you download a file, the site provides a MD5 number,

  1. copy that number
  2. Download a file.
  3. RMB click the downloaded file + sendto MD5 -
  4. paste the number (1.) into the 2nd box.

For the quick and simple check. Of course, if you need more, yes, you need
more advanced features.
SendToMD5 is just 57kb.

[quote]1. copy that number
2. Download a file.
3. RMB click the downloaded file + sendto MD5 -
4. paste the number (1.) into the 2nd box.[/quote]
It's possible to reduce step 3 and 4 to a single click on a Button if you have nircmd.exe.
You can download nircmd.exe here:

In "SendTo MD5" you'll have to enable the Option "Start with main window expanded" to make it work correctly.

Buttoncode (Edit the Paths to nircmd.exe and sendtomd5.exe):

@set md5={clip} dopusrt /cmd [Path to]\sendtomd5.exe {filepath} [Path to]\nircmd.exe dlg "sendtomd5.exe" "SendTo MD5" settext 1001 {$md5}

Sorry to jump in on this. If you jut wish DOpus to give you the MD5 hash of a file how should one activate that via a right click or button?

Do it whichever way you prefer.

Okay I've managed to get it to copy the has tag to the clipboard, but is there a way to get it to pop up in a dialogue box with the tag once calculated?

If you want to see the checksum, run GetSizes NODESELECT MD5 and it will appear as a column in the file display.

Superb Leo thanks. So if one wanted to hit the button again to hide that column is that possible?

So basically a first click on the button displays the hash in the column, and click again hides it, or would one need a second button to hide the column?

Oh and is there a way of getting the tag in upper case?

You should be able to make it toggle using @ifset. Not at my PC right now to give the exact command.

Right I'll have to dig through the manual once I get home as I've never got this technical with DO :slight_smile:

This is the winner for me:

HashTab v4.0.0

It shows sums as a right-click > Properties context menu page, and you can paste a copied hash for fast comparisons.