Metadata Pane support for Visio (VSD) files


My apologies if this has already been addressed. However, I can't find if this was addressed or not.

I make use of the Metadata Pane quite a bit. However, this was limited primarily to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. I have recently realized that there are other file types that I am unable to view/edit with the Pane. For example, I have been trying to make massive edits to Visio file types (VSD) and there is no ability to edit authors, company, etc. All that is available is Extended Properties and Standard Properties. I can however adjust the columns to display this information. In order to make metadata changes, I have to right-click and open each file's Properties/Details window.

Is there any customizing of the Metadata Pane that I can do within DOpus to allow me access to the metadata information that is found commonly in the Properties/Details/Origin section of many, if not all, MS Office files?

Can you edit those fields via right-click, Properties, then Details, or is that dialog also missing them?

I believe I mentioned that. Yes. I can always open up the properties of a file and go into the Details and edit the metadata. The section in the Details is Origin. However, I would have to edit the files individually.

Sorry for missing that.

It's probably something we could hook up, in that case, but I don't think there's a way for you to do it via configuration alone.

We may need to obtain and install Visio to test it, as without Visio installed I only get this in the Properties dialog:

I'll add it to our list, but it is a long list.

Here's the Visio Properties\Details tab. I did compare it against the other office documents and all of the Origin information seems to be the same.


Thanks for looking into this.

In the next beta we'll enable the metadata panel for Visio documents; we'll need you to try it and report back because we don't actually have Visio ourselves so can't test if it works.

Thanks Jon! Will do!

Note: I was on vacation and am still catching up on DOpus forum messages.

I'm using 12.21.5 and I get this:

That's the Explorer properties dialog, while this question was about enabling Visio files in the Opus metadata panel. Support for them was added in 12.21.6 (released yesterday), waiting for confirmation from @HPDelaney or someone else with Visio installed to see whether it's worked or not.

Ugh. Sorry. Here is my metadata panel:

This is the About Visio section of my Visio:


(I just love that I feel like I'm using abandonware with a version like "2008." lol)

Maybe try the fields and see if it saves the data? :slight_smile:

Sheesh. Some people are just so demanding. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I forgot to say I made those changes, clicked OK, opened a different Visio file metadata, and then opened this one again to make sure the changes had truly saved.

Hello Jon,

This is what I get below instead of what I would see for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

And, here's me testing the Title field that I somehow missed.

@HPDelaney: What version of Visio?

@HPDelaney: Note that I get the same result as you when I use a .vsd file instead of a .vsdx. I'm pretty sure the older file formats don't support metadata info.

Okay. That won't be a problem. I will convert the older format. I am working with a lot of files that need metadata information changed.

Also, @Jon, note that this worked for me before I installed the new beta. I was still using 12.21.5 when I brought up the first .vsdx metadata panel.

@Jon just curious if this is just a setting / restriction on the program to only allow for the newer .vsdx file type. As shown on my initial post, the .vsd still calls out the same information as the .vsdx.

Is it the same in Explorer? We aren't editing these files directly; it's down to what Windows and Visio can do, and the file formats themselves.

If it's the same in Explorer then it's probably a limitation outside of Opus. But if it works in Explorer then we might need to do something extra for one of the extensions / MIME types.