Missing iconset on DO-USB

Sometimes all own buttons in toolbars shows the smileys on DO-USB and in this case I need to delete and reimport my iconset.

I've noticed that it seems to happen, when executing DO-USB on a machine, where DO is regulary installed (using same set here). Unfortunately I always see the smileys days later when running on a machine w/o DO installed, so I don't know if this is the reason.

When it goes wrong, is the icon set there under /dopusdata/Icons ?

I didn't change the config since it occured last time and uninstalled DO for testing, but unfortunately it doesn't happen again. So I have to wait for next time.

I believe that I have a similar problem.

I just bought the Dopus USB version, and exported Dopus to a USB stick. While exporting, I activated all options, thus including (as I understand it) the export of any custom icons.

However, when I start the installation from that USB stick on my laptop, most of the icons are missing and instead only the smileys are shown on the buttons.

When I try to edit a button, I can see that Dopus still looks for the icon on the original path, where the icon of course can't be found on the laptop.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it not possible to include custom icons in the export?

To be included on the USB stick, they need to be in icon sets, or individual icon files placed in the user data folder under your Opus config. It won’t pull in icons from random exe/dll/ico files from other parts of your system (e.g. program files).

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OK thanks. I'll move the icons to the user data folder on the original machine then, and will then start a new USB export.

My icons have been living at %variousdrives%:\%differentpaths% long enough (say, decades).

O.k. so I have now moved all icons used in the toolbars in my main installation of Dopus to:

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Icons\.

After that I created the portable installation on a USB stick.

However, when Dopus is started from the stick on another PC, all icons are still missing.

This seems to be caused by the portable installation looking for the icons under the above absolute path, where of course they are not.

What else do I have to do to make the portable Dopus copy store and find its icons under the correct relative path



If you put them in the Icons folders, they have to be packaged as an Icon Set. (See Directory Opus Icon Set Specifications pinned at the top of the Icons area of the forum, or Icon Sets in the manual, which the pinned post also links to.)

If you put them in the User Data folder they don't need any special packaging.

Using an Icon Set is usually more efficient than having loose icons, at least if most of the icons are being used, but also requires a little extra work (but not much).

Thanks Leo, that worked!