Missing the not-so-obvious

Okay I need help.........

I know (unless I'm going senile) that there were options that I used to have working in DO that no longer work. I've just spent an hour going through all parts of the configuration I can find looking to fix the issues and I'll be damned if I can find / fix.

They were:

  1. The 'Name' field in a Lister used to automatically resize itself based on the length of the file name. Ideally I'd like it to auto-resize up to a given limit, but I don't think that is possible. In any case it does not auto-resize at all and I want that ability back.

  2. If a Lister includes files and folders, and I've hovered over all the folders to get a folder size visible, if I click the 'Size' columns it sorts on files only, not folders, how can I toggle on/off folders in that sort?

And another unrelated question:

  1. Folder Sync, does that only work between two sides of a defined Lister and is a manual operation once the Lister is opened? That is there is no way to configure sync'ed folders that will stay in sync in the background?

1 & 2 are both in Folder Options (Or in Folder Formats if you're looking in Preferences.) Folder Formats: Quick Guide has the steps for making the changes for all folders, if that's what you want.

3 is so unrelated it would be better in a separate thread, but while you can jury rig automatic background synching using Opus commands and script add-ins or Task Scheduler, you're probably better looking at a proper background synching or backup tool to do that job. Opus isn't really designed for it, and automated background synching (and conflict and error handling, and problem reporting, without getting in the way or also without losing data and not telling you) is a hard job to do properly even with tools which only try to do it and nothing else.

Ah ha Folder Options is the one area I missed looking in :slight_smile:

Right so am I correct in saying that if I have a Lister which is sorted by name then the 'Keep folders sorted alphabetically' and 'Folders listed before files' is what keeps the folders at the top - logical :slight_smile:

However if one is sorting by Size then that should surely negate the 'Folders listed before files' rule as a different type of criteria is used? A thought for the future possibly?

Oh I forget, thanks for the clarification on sync, glad I was not missing something :slight_smile: