Modify default file & folder display format


I have 2 questions about folder display formatting:

  1. How can I change the Date Modified display so that only dates are shown and not days of the week? Currently, for files modified within the last week, the Date Modified column displays days of the week (eg yesterday, Wednesday, etc.) and only displays dates for files last modified over a week ago. I want only the latter display (ie dates) for all files — even those just modified today or yesterday.

  2. How can I set the changes made in folder options to be permanent? For example, Directory Opus always displays file extensions by default. I have found that I can change that by going to Folder Options > Display tab > check Hide file extension in Filename column. However, I cannot find how to make that a permanent change.


  1. Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show day names in date columns if date is within one week
  2. The Folder Formats FAQ may help.