Monitor-specific layouts

Two questions, prompted by my use of my work laptop in two configurations, one, in my office attached to a large high-resolution widescreen monitor, and the other one stand-alone, using the laptop's built-in screen:
a) Is it possible to define layouts, perhaps via some scripts, that would automatically adapt to the two different monitors, adjusting the size of the lister to take advantage of the widescreen monitor in one case, and accommodate the more constrained space on the laptop display in the other?
b) If the only way to achieve this, as I suspect, is to have two variants for each of my layouts, is there an easy way to generate a second configuration other than editing the .oll files by hand so I get a second set of layouts, each with the exact same lister size? So the idea would be to make copies of my existing .oll files, edit those copies, and then edit order.xml accordingly? In this case, what are the parameters display_size and display_size_flt, respectively?

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a) Something similar to Command: Trigger actions by the area/screen the mouse is on could do that.

The SysInfo object can be used to find the current monitor resolution(s).

b) That would work. Another way, assuming you want the windows the same size across all the layouts for each case, might be to have a button that resizes the window to a fixed size. That can let you update layouts more easily.

It could even be used to save/update the current layout in two sizes, from a single button or hotkey. Although I think that would only work on the larger monitor (you can't resize something larger than all the screens).

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Thanks Leo, good leads.