More Advanced Flat-View filtering example

is it possible to have different folder formats for a folder, depending on whether it's in flat view or not? (mixed)

When the folder is in flat view :

Essentially, what I'm trying to do (see diagram below) is to have the "years" folder display only the audio_renders (.wav) files in a chronological way and filter out everything else and display only one audio_render.wav file per parent folder (the "render" folder), all sorted by modification date, for example.

This seems to be possible with wildcards? but I haven't managed to filter out the unwanted (.wav)
coming from the 'datafiles' folder for example, can you help ?

└── Music/
└── projects/
└── year/
├── 2023/
│ ├── january
│ ├── ...
│ └── march/
│ ├── song_4
│ └── song_6/
│ ├── project_file_6.flp
│ ├── datafiles (unwanted .wav)
│ └── renders/
│ ├── audio_render_3.wav
│ └── audio_render_6.wav (edited today)
└── 2024/
└── january/
├── song_1
└── song_2/
├── project_file.flp
├── datafiles (unwanted .wav)
└── renders/
├── audio_render_1.wav
└── audio_render_2.wav (edited 2 days ago)

output wanted :
├── 13_january/
│ └──
├── 11_january/
│ └──
└── ...

Yes, go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats.

Try a Quickfilter:

Set QUICKFILTER=~(*.wav)

or a show/hide filter.

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Thank you for answering this question.
The first suggestion was already checked but it doesn't seem to work.
When I click on the button to switch to flat view, the default folder format is always restored, even though I went to the folder format options and saved it while in flat view, am I misunderstanding something?

for the second problem:
I'm not sure what you mean with the quick filter either.
I don't want to delete all the .wav files but only the ones that aren't in the 'render' folders (ideally just want to display the lastest one).

I also kind of wish there was an option to group by modified day instead of month.

![Screenshot 2024-01-20 222150|476x436](upload://pk0mXTjPFuTcT3t3CqXJXIjtr


Screenshot 2024-01-20 222150

Folder Formats: Quick Guide




Evaluator Groups

Hello, thanks again.

  1. Flat-view format
    I think I understand the problem. It's always beeing restored to the default flat-view format that is set in settings as you said.
    So apparently there's not a flat-view folder format that would be specific to a folder path.
    So what I was saving was actually the folder path format and not anything related to the flat-view.
    It's ok but would that be possible to have ?

2)I managed to set a quickfilter, figured I had to create a script and a button/script add-in

  1. ShowFilterFolders is not doing what i want in flat-view,

    Screenshot 2024-01-22 050818
    but it works in normal view
    Showfilterfilename seems kinda unrelated to my request (unless you can filter files by their parent path name somehow ? ) Any other possibility ?

  2. It's cool that it possible to change grouping scheme but I havn't found evaluator code in the documentation to do that (group by day edited), can you provide the script ? I'm guessing it must be short.

While pointing to the documentation is helpful, I would appreciate more specific guidance or examples