More destinations in Copy function

It's not really important that you don't need this function. DO is not FreeCommander or other simply tool, it's complex tool for people who wants something more than standard functions. And you can say "5% of users" about half of options in DO in fact.

Unique rare options is what makes any program different (and better) than others. Filemanager with the same popular options as other filemanagers is waste of money (if cost more).

Please, don't discourage programmers by saying that something is waste of time because YOU don't use some option. I have few programs that only 0.1% percent of people use (or less). Authors of this programs probably never made them with that attitude.

And please don't tell us it makes sense because YOU use it. 5% was much too high, in fact nobody else asked for such a fetaure all the years here, so it's one and that's less than all other features used by a few users.

Sorry, that's my opinion.

That's right, it's your opinion. I hope it's only yours and some day it will be nice new feature. :slight_smile:
I write my point of view.

Hmm, i can think of scenarios, where it would make sense. Like making backups to different locations or drives on a regular base. Then again, we already can easily make buttons for that, if it's always the same destination folders.

The second part of your statement sounds quite valid. However, Opus is that great, because it has plenty of special features for very special use cases, even if only 2% of the users use them, which makes it so strong among file managers. I am aware of dozens of great features in DO, which i still don't use, because i have other ways to achieve things. On the other hand, i have started to use functions, which i didn't use earlier. :slight_smile:

That's what I said! But DO isn't a backup-tool (for safe copies it also doesn't make sense to read only once from source and copy to x backup-locations).

I don't even know any tool that copies to different locations at the same time.

That's why it's interesting, isn't?

And btw. you can find some, but not so good (or on linux, or expensive).

If you'll work in place where you must write lot of files to few external/internal HDDs (not HDD backups, just files) or just want to copy stuff to few your friends, it will be nice feature, right?

I asked for this option not without reason.

No, most people wouldn't use it (I really think that it would already exist somewhere or that things, which doesn't exixts, doesn't mean, that we need them).

As said, for backup I don't use DO. BTW backup normally run in background and I want different and safe copies, not x bad copies because the multicopy-source had an error.

I don't copy files to friends, because the "interesting" files are private or are not allowed to be copied!. And the "good old copysessions" are over since Amiga. Even if I would copy files for them... the longer it takes, the more we can drink!

Or just tell your friends not to visit you at the same time, problem solved!

That was just examples. And still I can't understand your "good copy vs bad copy" idea. It's not Atari XL tapes era! You said the same nonsense in "copy speed problem" thread. And you said the same "I have no problem" authoritative statements. You was so damn sure that problem is in my system, not in Opus, isn't? Now you're so sure that nobody will use parallel copy. And still think that its some kind of "unsafe" while writing to few drives at the same time. Do you even once have situation when copying file was unsafe or bad because of bad writing method? Something like "my Word writes wrose looking bytes than OpenOffice"? Sorry, but that has no sense to me.

Sorry, but it's really annoying. I wrote about copy speed problem in my thread, you start write your comments like "do not fix anything, everything is ok". Now I start new thread and you write "do not made that, I don't need it". Is it really necessary? Do I enter your threads and write something like that?

We've said it before and we'll say it again, please argue in the coffeeshop.

I do need a Multicopy-Option. As a teacher, we are using OneDrive4Business and I share one folder with every class. In this folders there is allways the same subfolder-structure. And when I wanna send a file to every class, it is annoying to copy-click-trough-to destination-folder-paste-repeat. And this many times.
Im quite sure that many people can use this feature (Business-Matrix-Organisation to destribute core-files to any departement for ex.)
How can I do this in less time?

You should be able to make a button which does that fairly easily.

e.g. This will copy the selected file to each of the listed destination folders:

Copy TO "D:\Temp\Class 1" Copy TO "D:\Temp\Class 2" Copy TO "D:\Temp\Class 3"

More complex things are also possible. If you need something different, please give some examples of the exact things you want to do and we can tell you how to do them.

Thank you for your answer. This helps allready for my first needs.
To have a more flexible System it would be helpful to mark in the right panel all the folders as target and then in the left panel the file I wanna copy. With an option/button "copy to all marked folders" I could save so much time!

One small additional info to that "funny" comment about "good old copysessions" - if I work with few people on some big projects and all of them wants to have copy of files after, it's not "good old copysession" but just "standard, work session" - parallel writing will save lot of time. One-by-one takes lot longer (because of multiple reads and separate writes). I'm glad that someone have the same needs.

[quote="Mou-Di"]Thank you for your answer. This helps allready for my first needs.
To have a more flexible System it would be helpful to mark in the right panel all the folders as target and then in the left panel the file I wanna copy. With an option/button "copy to all marked folders" I could save so much time![/quote]

I made a simple script button which will do this: Copy into multiple selected destinations.

BTW. I think my method (copy from one single lister source to all other opened single listers) is more flexible - you can copy to different drives too, not just to different folders. My procedure is not perfect, but works that way:

VBScript for button:

Option Explicit
Function OnClick(ByRef clickData)

Dim t, lister, veve, sourx, ndest, xx, doCmd, cmd, tab, selItem, folderEnum, folderItem, lstsourc
dim destix(1000)

For Each lister In DOpus.listers
	if lister.dual=0 then
		if lister.state=1 then
		end if
	end if


Set cmd = clickData.func.command
cmd.deselect = false

If clickData.func.sourcetab.selected.count > 0 and ndest>0 Then
	For Each selItem in clickData.func.sourcetab.selected
		if lstsourc<>"" then lstsourc=lstsourc&" "

	For t=1 to ndest
		if sourx<>destix(t) then
    cmd.SetModifier "async"
			cmd.RunCommand "copy QUEUE=copytoallx,quiet "&lstsourc&" TO="&chr(34)&destix(t)&chr(34)
		end if

End If

end function

What is missing:

  1. Check if lister is single.
  2. Check if there is no repeated the same destinations.
  3. Probably may be written better.

Yes that's a valid alternative, remembering not everyone uses multiple Listers the way you do.

I understand that, that's why I write that is alternative for single listers mode. I think you can write your procedure to copy into all other tabs instead of selected folders and there will be real solution for dual lister with different paths.

The script I posted for Mou-Di literally does exactly what he asked for. You can do lots of other things, but they aren't what he asked for, so it isn't what was written.

My bad, I understand that wrong before I think.