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More Plugins: Interactive list of Opus Plugins & Media Capabilities



Interactive list of Opus Plugins & Media Capabilities

I've made an interactive list that helps you find which viewers (etc.) are bundled with Opus and which add-ons are available to make Opus do more.

The list includes several plugins/features not mentioned here at the forum. (It also mentions some of the built-in functionality that doesn't depend on plugins.) Screenshots are included, where useful, to give you an idea of how things are before you install anything.

August 2018: Note that the list is quite out of date at the moment. I may update it in the future, time permitting, but it's still useful as it is; just remember it is not complete, the same as the forum's list of plugins.

You can filter the list to show just what interests you. For example, you can make it show only plugins which support 64-bit & USB mode, and don't come bundled with Opus, so that you don't waste time looking at things you already have or cannot use.

(Filtering requires Javascript. Without Javascript you'll get a static list with all of the information at once. By default much of the information is hidden so play with the filter to see the other details.)

Maybe you'll discover something new. Hope it's useful! ... index.html


Oh nice work leo!

This is "much" needed, it's was difficult finding what's available, and if a plugin was needed or already bundled.


Glad it's useful!

It took ages to make. First time I've really used Javascript so I had to look up a lot of stuff. (And, despite all the fanfare, IE8 is still full of CSS rendering bugs you have to spend time working around or give up on :frowning:.)

Testing all the plugins in different versions of Opus, checking capabilities and making all the screenshots took a while as well. Using Opus 6 again was a blast from the past. :slight_smile:

That's enough web stuff for me for a while. Back to C++!


The Interactive list of Opus Plugins & Media Capabilities has been updated so that it is easier to find out if and how Opus can be used to view different types of files.

The list is now split into more categories and now includes several preview handlers and ActiveX controls which work within Opus, in addition to all the native Opus plugins and built-in features.


This has been updated for Opus 10, mainly to include the new archive format support (which has its own page now, too) and the improved audio tags support, plus mention of some other plugin updates.


Hi Leo

I'm not having any luck with any of those links ... is it just me?



Looks like the DNS server it relies on is down at the moment. I expect it'll be fixed as the UK wakes up and gets to work.


Still asleep ... summer holiday over there! :slight_smile:


It's working okay for me now, but some DNS servers may still have the old info cached for a few more hours.


Thanks, Leo - finally got it - GREAT help.