Move folder up one level


Used to have a time-saving script, acquired here, that essentially:

  1. Selected and copied all files in a folder.
  2. Moved up to the parent folder and created a new folder with the same name as the original folder in step 1.
  3. Moved all the files acquired in step 1 to this new folder, and deleted the original folder.

But when importing preferences, etc. to the new computer, that script was lost.

Have looked for it here but can't find it. Does anyone know where it is? Or, perhaps a new script?


I'm confused. Wouldn't that end up doing nothing?

Some files are in X\Y

  1. Select everything in Y Copy all the files (as in Ctrl-C)

  2. Move up to X and create Y (which already exists)

  3. Move the files from step 1 to the new folder (which doesn't move them since they're already in X\Y.

Have I misunderstood?


Sorry, I left some details out, resulting in nonsense!

What I really meant was: X/Y/Z (files in Z) which then will become X/Z.

Or, moving a subfolder up two levels, which makes much more sense than what I described!



Thanks, that makes sense now.

This is probably the thread you saw before:

To move X\Y\Z to X\Y you'd just use this:

Copy MOVE TO=..

(when in Y, with Z selected)

If you wanted to go up two levels (which I don't think is wanted here, but just in case):

Copy MOVE TO=..\..

You may also want to see #2 Move Everything Up in this thread:

Thank you.
Very helpful.