Move up function not working

when i type the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U the file no longer moves up to the parent directory as it did in version 10

Did you check under -> settings -> customize -> keys, what the setting for that combination actually is? Maybe you have a double entry (indicated by a red font), which would stop the combination from working. You would then have to change one of the redundant combinations. To restore the old function, the command would be simply Go Up.

when i type the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U the file no longer moves up to the parent directory as it did in version 10[/quote]

That is not part of the default configuration for Opus 10 or Opus 11.

The issues you're seeing a not due to changes in Opus 11; they are because you were using customized toolbars/hotkeys and are now using the default ones.

Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade, if you wish to turn them back on again and use them instead of the Opus 11 defaults.

Alternatively, you can make changes to the Opus 11 default toolbars in the same way you changed the Opus 10 default toolbars previously.

(You can also turn on both your old and new toolbars temporarily, then copy the extra buttons from your old ones on to the new ones, if you want to keep the new defaults but carry over some of your old custom buttons as well.)

Yes it reverts after i load my old toolbars. I then save my custom keys, remove the toolbars.
Then reimport the keys but the shortcuts don't work

If the hotkeys are part of buttons, they won't work if the toolbars they are on are turned off.

Copy the buttons to your new toolbars, if you want to have them on the new toolbars and no longer want to use the old toolbars.

(There is an option to enable hotkeys for a toolbar even if it is turned off, but you probably do not want to use it in this case. If your old toolbar also has lots of the old default buttons & hotkeys, it will conflict with the similar buttons & hotkeys on the new toolbars. So you should instead only copy over the extra buttons that you added yourself in the past.)

(You can also create standalone hotkeys which are not tied to any buttons or toolbars, if you wish.)

Hmm, isn't that in Version 11 only?

Yes. The thread started by talking about things which seemed to have changed from Opus 10, so I assume we are talking about Opus 11.

Yes version 11