Mp3 files not showing ratings metadata

I am currently using Directory Opus 10 with Beta 4.01 with Windows 7 64 bit version

  1. I have music files in Flac and MP3 formats. The ratings information shows correctly for my Flac files but not for the MP3 files. I use Foobar2k and MP3Tag for my tagging programs and the %rating% metadata shows in both of these programs. Do you know why DirOpus 10 does not show the Ratings tag for my MP3 files. Files are compressed with Lame and are compressed using Variable Bit Rate (VBR).

  2. What is the commandline option so I can use Folder Format...Music for use in a User Defined Command

Feature Request:

  1. I use some custom fields so would it be possible for DirOpus to give the option to allow for Custom Fields for music files?
  2. Would it be possible for a future version to allow us to highlight multiple music files and "Send To" a m3u file to make playlists ?


(Please ask one question per thread.)

Q1. I'm not sure how to make Foobar2k show/set ratings, but in MP3Tag if I set an MP3 file's "RATING WMP" tag via the Extended Tags dialog, then the same rating is shown by Opus. MP3Tag supports two other types of rating tags so maybe your files are using different ones to what Opus and Windows Media Player use.

Q2. Use the format how?

F1. What are the custom fields? How have they been defined? If you mean custom tags then there is no way to get them to show up in Opus at the moment, short of writing a shell extension DLL.

F2. There are a few buttons floating around the forum to do that (e.g. this one). The exact details will depend on where you want the M3U file to be created, what you want it to be called, and if you want it to automatically select all music files or just use the ones you have selected.