MP4 - IPTC metadata support

I have seen in old posts that DOPUS does not support IPTC metadata.
Is it currently possible to view or edit that kind of metadata in an MP4?

"IPTC metadata" can mean several things, from a binary file format to particular tags (that are also present in other formats).

MP4 has its own binary tagging format but can include various tags.

What do you want to do exactly? Which tags do you need?

I'm trying to type in the IPTC keyword tag from premiere pro/bridge and view/modify it from DOPUS.

Both ExifTool and MediaInfo can read/display metadata. To write metadata, you need to use ExifTool via command line.

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Hey @lxp thanks for the link! Cheers.

I have no clue if Mediainfo script currently shows the IPTC out of the box but if I'd have a sample file, I can have a look.

Adding to what Lxp said, those two links go to script add-ins which will show that information (via those tools) within Opus columns, in case you thought they were just links to the tools themselves.

Can I see the labels that are marked in yellow in dopus?
Can they be edited?
Is it possible to do searches?

MediaInfo does not recognize any Headline, Creator, Description or Subject tags, but neither do MP3Tag, Foobar2000, IrfanView, Media Player Classic or VLC. Is this the right file from your screenshot?

CreateDate and Orientation can be shown & searched via MediaInfo script, most likely with Exif script as well since they add user/script columns, but not edited out of the box... unless you develop a custom UI to handle that.

Thanks for the information.

Just a few minutes ago I discovered your CuMediaExtenders video script, it's great, but I need to investigate to use it, I'm new to dopus.

The file I uploaded contains that metadata and the image capture is from exiftool.
The problem is that Adobe Bridge, Premiere Pro, iMatch use that metadata, but dopus doesn't show it.

My idea is to be able to use it from dopus to filter the videos.

The metadata that dopus uses (file properties) is not possible to use in Bridge or Premiere

You need to install this add-in:

Yes, with the add-in.

Yes, with the add-in.

Yes, with the ExifTool command line. I've been thinking to write a UI for Opus, but there is nothing presentable so far.


I have installed the script and changed the exiftool path, but I don't know how to generate the helper files. I don't understand what I have to do.

Have I configured the path correctly?

Use \\ instead of \.

I changed the path and it works fine, but if I go back to Bridge and change the tag to another value it doesn't update in the dopus column.
Do I have to do anything to make it update?
I've tried F5, exiting and re-entering the folder, removing the column and adding it back.

Maybe the change is not reflected in the file mod date, try deleting the cache file(s).

Go to the cache folder via

Sorry to ask so much but it is not where to find what you tell me in the image.
Maybe .. Is the helper files that I could not install?

I went to my exiftoolcache folder on my hard drive and deletes the content, pressing F5 is updated with the correct information.
Is there any way that this is automatic?

Not completely. I have added a helper button to the add-in that will take care of this.

Thank you, I will try to create a Helper Button