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Mp4 metadata pane does not show properly with aac and m4a file extension



I find it odd that I have to manually change the extensions of of my aac and m4a files to “mp4” before the metadata pane properly shows the correct file info. I have no intention of changing all of the extensions of my music files just because of this – besides I use jRIver for the most part when it comes to handling all my tag management and file/folder rename work for audio and video files.

Still, I suppose this should be fixed in future updates, in case this rather unusual issue is not yet known.



Thanks for the report. .m4a extensions will work in the next update (a small bug was preventing them from being recognised).

It’s my understanding that .aac files are raw AAC streams, they aren’t wrapped in an MP4 container.


Thanks! Yes, I believe so. I use the qaac external encoder but I’m not sure if it wraps it in the mp4 or m4a container exactly (more or less the same anyway). Although, even if you switch around the extensions from aac to m4a to mp4 to m4b etc… from my experience, the majority of media players I’ve used don’t really care and will automatically play and read the file’s metadata correctly – except for a very few, really old portable mp3 players where you have to write it as an ‘mp4’ at the end of the filename.

*The reason why some of my audio file ends with .aac and .m4a extension instead is because in jRiver the external encoder settings leaves it to the user to add whatever extension name he wants append at the end of the file. Half of my files have .aac in the end and the other half in m4a, although they’re really more or less mp4 I think.


Could you also add .opus extension to the supported file types of metadata pane? As far as I understand opus stream is usually wrapped in ogg container, that is supported by Dopus and the reason that the tag data is unaccessible in metadata pane is because it doesn't treat files with .opus extension as supported. Below I've posted a link to my massage in another topic where I tested different file extensions with metadata pane and although now I think that adding .aac and .fla file extensions is a little bit excessive .opus still seems like a valid candidate for supported extensions.