MP4 Playback with Movie Plugin Fails

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Would greatly appreciate any help on this problem below.



Just installed windows 10 and Dopus 12.9 x64 I am having trouble getting MP4 videos to playback in the viewer pane using my preferred "Movie" Plugin or the "ActiveX" Plugin.

I can get MP4s to play using the windows media player preview handler but not keen on this interface.

I WAS at one stage able to play them with the ActiveX 32 Bit preview handler but this now doesnt work perhaps due to the codecs being switched around a few times ?

Ideally i would like the MP4s and MKVs to play using the movie plugin.
MKVs and MP4s play audio but no video and LAV icons are in the system tray.

I have an older windows 7 system that will play MKV and MP4 with the Movie Plugin with the K-Lite Pack installed and have tried to replicate everything in the Windows 10 system including the codecs and LAV decoder and splitter settings but this hasn't worked.

I have read Leo's guide here and tried everything in here i think.

So just to summarise where i'm up to;

Movie Plugin with .MP4 added to config = MKV & MP4 gives blank screen with Audio

Active X 32 Bit = Plays MKV video and Audio but MP4 gives shell thumbnail and no audio

Active X 64 Bit = Plays MKV video and Audio but MP4 gives shell thumbnail and no audio

Active X Media Player Plays MKV and MP4 But poor interface within Dopus.

So im starting to think either my MP4 Codec is corrupted or there is a setting in the LAV decoder set incorrectly

I have tried setting the default Video player to all of the possible options but this doesnt appear to provide a fix.

Films and TV
VLC Media Player
Windows Media Player

MP4s DO play using these separate players

  • Windows 10 Windows Media Player

  • Windows Media Player Classic - installed

  • VLC 3.0.3

Currently have the following codec packs installed

  • K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1430_Full

  • LAV Video Decoder 0.72.0

I have also tried and removed these alternatives

  • ffdshow_rev4533_20140929_clsid_x64
  • Haali MatroskaSplitter
  • Quicktime for Windows

The Windows Media Player preview handler, or the WMP ActiveX control, are the easiest thing if the Movie plugin/codecs are not working.

That gives two choices of UI, if you dislike one or the other.

Got same problem and fix by installing Windows 10 Codec PAck :
Take care to uncheck all except .mp4 and to uncheck Installation of opera and co ...
That's it :sunglasses: