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MTP in 2018


I have looked at a lot of the forum posts, going back to 2014. I have a Nokia 8 (Android 8.1) and MTP is very unreliable with DO.

Problems I face are freezes, I cannot navigate via the tree - only the navigation within the lister using the up down buttons work and copy actions seldom work.

I have set MTP to false in the settings and everything works correctly in Explorer (Win 10 1809 17763.134).

Is this something you can fix?

Beyond Compare have recently fixed this so it must be possible :slight_smile:


This is our advice:


Thanks for the update. Hmmm, I guess you have pulled your hair out about this problem.


Another thing that can mess up MTP transfers is if you have the ADB interface enabled on the phone. I've found that turning this off really helps.


Thanks Paul.

On my phone it's called USB debugging. I am a developer and therefore I need this enabled. I have no ADB setting.

Bottom line, two other programs (Explorer and Beyond Compare) get this to work with this setting enabled. My phone runs Android One so there is no extra $%#@ to interfere.

This problem is specific to Opus for me.


If you have USB debugging enabled, then you have ADB enable - it's one and the same thing. I run a custom ROM too; LineageOS or currently, crDroid. I've had Opus running with ADB enabled but I find it tends to be a bit flakey, so I turn ADB off. I don't use Explorer for file transfers so can't really comment whether it's any better than Opus. It maybe that Opus' implementation of MTP is slightly different to Microsoft's. In my experience, GP Software tend to have a better grip on the various protocols and implementations than Microsoft does anyway.


Opus uses Microsoft's implementation, the same as Explorer. The problem is that MTP is garbage at both ends (phone and PC) and e.g. can lock up if you try to access two files at once.

OTOH, FTP generally just works and is quick and easy to set up on Android.


With ADB/USB debugging turned off I don't have any problems with MTP on Opus. Agreed it's not the best for file transfers, but if you queue up files from different folders it runs just fine rather trying to force multiple file transfers