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MultiView / PD-QVP Viewer



MultiView / PD-QVP Plugin:

The legacy plugin uses the Outside In viewer technology from Oracle (previously from Stellent).

The Multiview plugin is a "legacy" solution and should only be used as a last resort. See the alternative viewer recommendations below for alternatives.

The plugin used to be called PD-QVP was renamed to MultiView in later versions.

The plugin comes with Opus but is disabled by default.

Required 3rd party DLLs:

The MultiView plugin will not function without a copy of the Outside In viewer DLLs. These DLLs came with several packages including very old versions of Quick View Plus, older versions of Powerdesk and (at least some old versions of) Yahoo Desktop Search. The DLLs do not come with Opus and it is your responsibility to obtain properly licensed copies of them.

The plugin's configuration window lets you specify where the DLLs are located, although it will usually find them automatically if they are correctly installed.

If you are using a 64-bit version of Directory Opus then the MultiView plugin will require 64-bit versions of the Outside In DLLs. However, if you are using a version of Windows new enough to be 64-bit then you are better off not using the MultiView plugin at all, and people have had only limited success with the 64-bit DLLs so you are even more strongly advised to use an alternative than in the 32-bit case. See below for better alternatives.

Alternative Viewer Recommendations:

We recommend you try one of these more modern approaches before investigating the MultiView plugin:

  • The ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin can be used to view many formats that people used MultiView for in the past (e.g. Office documents), provided a suitable program or viewer is installed on your machine (e.g. MS Office).

  • Newer versions of Quick View Plus will give you access to exactly the same viewers that MultiView used, but in a much better way. (You just install it and it automatically works, on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, without any further configuration or hunting down DLLs.) This is because they include a preview handler which Opus is able to use automatically. (Accurate for QVP 11 at least. We have not tested newer versions since then.) See the forum's QuickView Plus thread for more information.

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