My Dark Color Theme (Opus 12 [VERSION 3] update)

[updated links are under the reply section]

Upgraded to version 12 mainly for the improved renaming features (saved me hundreds of hours through the years renaming thousands of files through the years) and ability to change column header and scrollbar colors... Strangely, the font sizes I previously set didn't carry over to this version.

dark theme dopus 12 update.dlt (163.3 KB)

Enabling the windows 10 high contrast black settings improved the aesthetic look "slightly"

Caveat emptor: enabling the high contrast settings causes a few problem with certain programs including windows defender (crashes it if you navigate to home etc.). It's a cool option but I every now and again have to disable it when using certain programs.

TEXT: #A19486 RGB: 161,148,134
HYPERLINKS: #993399 RGB: 153,51,153
DISABLED TEXT: #666600 RGB: 102,102,0
SELECTED TEXT: #AD7360 RGB: 173, 115,96
BUTTON TEXT: #B07314 RGB: 176,115,20
BACKGROUND: #262626 RGB: 38,38,38

I very often have ALL or nearly all of the lights off while working making such measures necessary...


Oops! the scrollbars for the first picture should have changed to a darker color. I just forgot to restart dopus that why it still appears bright.

High DPI support in Opus 12 required font sizes to be reset the first time an old config file is imported.

Thanks! All screenshots were taken using a 14" screen laptop. Now using my larger 27" NEC monitor I can see it looks definitely better, although I had to adjust colors again ever so slightly as this monitor with my custom spyder color profile allows me to see very small changes in color way better than my default laptop screen.

Version 3 of my Dark Theme:

I've made several changes based from the many helpful suggestions and toolbars provided by Andy from DearOpus. I have not been able to read his entire guide but only a small portion of the tutorial website. I might make a few more changes and update this to version 4 when I get to finish reading most of his tutorials. Although it might take a long while for me build up my arsenal of renaming scripts.

I wanted all or most of the toolbar items to still show even while having two windows split open on the screen so I got rid of the drop down arrows and labels and replaced them with several shortcuts in order to access the drop down menu buttons quickly. I'm also not a programmer so didn't really have much use for a lot of the scripts Andy provided with his toolbars -- stripped much of the shortcuts to what I personally thought was useful to me.

[ I've FINALLY figured out and got the labels right! Note that these label colors are meant to be for a dark theme background and if you view these files/folders in a white or light file manager background they will look pale indeed. ]

dark theme dopus 12 v3.dlt (164.2 KB)

If you're interested in more than just the colors from the theme I've included the toolbars below:

Menu_two.dop (57.7 KB)
Operations_two.dop (69.3 KB)
Images_two.dop (44.7 KB)

You can install and try out my full config (7th iteration and hopefully LAST) if you really want to, BUT it's not recommended as it'll change EVERYTHING with your own settings and presets and you'll lose your saved layouts and tab groups -- so make sure to have a FULL back-up of your CONFIG to restore from:

ernest_Opus_Config_v3.7.ocb (514.5 KB)

Apparently the config does not include the two additional icons and two scripts -- actually now three that I've added (which actually seems to be included after all after checking): (46.4 KB)

Script source links:

Remember, I've made my color adjustments while using my custom Windows 10 high contrast settings so a few of the theme colors might not be as expected if you don't have that setting on [I also had to disable some icons from the drop down menus as my windows 10 high contrast settings caused some problems with the text displaying over the top of one another:

(I've only changed my color of the hyperlinks green rather than purple)

TEXT: #A19486 RGB: 161,148,134
HYPERLINKS: #999900 RGB: 153,153,0
DISABLED TEXT: #666600 RGB: 102,102,0
SELECTED TEXT: #AD7360 RGB: 173, 115,96
BUTTON TEXT: #B07314 RGB: 176,115,20
BACKGROUND: #262626 RGB: 38,38,38

I made lots of changes with the keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts with the default settings so please check the 'keyboard map'.

Well, I think that's about it.

I highly encourage anyone to head over at Andy's Dear Opus tutorial website as well (if you haven't already) as I've learned quite a lot from there these past few days and reworked my toolbars based from his own:


As far I'm aware, I've deleted my own info like libraries, favorites, email, etc. from the config so whoever installs the config file must have a complete backup of their own to restore from... but that should be rather obvious. In case the thought slips you by...

Anyone installing a full config backup should also keep in mind that it will potentially changes all their preferences settings, toolbars, hotkeys etc. Since you can't know what's changed, we don't recommend using other people's config backup in general. (But won't stop anyone who still wants to!)

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The caveat emptor is absolutely correct. I've ever only installed someone else's config twice but always reverted back to my original settings in the end. I'm going to put up the toolbars besides the theme (easier to test without changing much) and put a clear warning on the config now.

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My friend, you have one happy camper here. I've tried God knows how many times to get that glaring white background changed. And you were kind enough to post yours. Thank you ever so much! I also downloaded the .dop files. Not sure what they are or do you yet but I'll try to find something here on the boards about them. Thanks again.
Randy, an old retired Army guy.