Navigate Location bar breadcrumbs in hierarchial submenues

I recently went through process of setting up a command in the folder right-click menu that allows me to navigate through a folder’s submenus in a cascading hierarchy. Can the Breadcrumbs path in the Location bar be set up the same way? As it stands clicking on a folder in the path only lists the contents of one folder.
I was surprise the directions to create the right-click menu item were from 2008 and there isn’t a lot more interest in it. I am also surprised there isn't an option to select in Preferences > Folders > Folder behavior for something like “Navigate Lister Folder's Subfolders From Right Click Menu,” and something similar for the Location bar breadcrumbs system.
This was my starting post.

Once you're drilling down multiple levels of directories, one after another, it seems better to do the navigation via the file display or folder tree. Breadcrumbs are useful for being able to jump to folders at different levels to the current location, but recursive menus quickly become a pain to use, at least in my experience.

This is true if your file system is set up with lots of folders and the subfolders and goes deep, such I imagine if you are a software developer. But I'm a home user and when I go to use the breadcrumbs I usually find I'm just one or two more folders from my destination.
Another comment I would make is I know the structure folders I use all the time, and they start at the Documents folder rarely go farther than three folders. If I was looking for a file that is deeper, it probably was a file I don't look at very often and found by search instead.

If the folder you need is almost always below the Documents folder, a toolbar/menu item that lists it might be better than using breadcrumbs, since it would always be available even if you weren't currently below it.

(The commands in the post you linked to, for adding things like that to right-click menus, also work with toolbars and menus.)