Nearby Sharing shortcut

Can we have a "Share" context menu item to select Nearby Sharing with e.g. another computer (with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)? This is a function in Windows 10 with such shortcut in Windows Explorer. If it's already available, I would appreciate a hint on making it visible. Thanks!

Using network shares is the normal way to copy files between local machines, and works within Opus.

The Windows 10 Share menu has never worked outside of Explorer, to my knowledge. Not even in other Windows apps like Notepad's File > Open dialog, because it pushes a button on Explorer's toolbars which doesn't exist in any other app:

Thanks for the quick response Leo. Now, with all respect, but network shares is so 1990's and while that may still be fun on a corporate network it is not so useful in a modern home environment. When you simply need to send a file quickly to another device, some type of peer to peer transfer is common today, e.g. with Apple AirDrop and mimicked by Microsoft with Nearby Sharing. I would imagine a company like GPSoftware has sufficient ties with Microsoft to investigate if a hook into that technology can be adopted in Directory Opus. I would still be looking forward to such feature so that I do not have to switch to Windows Explorer every time I need to send a file. Thanks for your attention.

Opus is a file manager, not a peer to peer file sharing tool. Very different things, and not something we are even trying to do.

Any good sharing tool should work with Opus and anything else which can display context menus for files (or via drag & drop, etc., depending on how the tool works).

I don't know which to recommend as I use network shares to directly copy files between machines myself.

The various cloud storage tools are another option.

(We have no ties with Microsoft at all, and Microsoft can't even make their Share menu work in their own software, outside of File Explorer, let alone anyone else's. If they wanted it to work properly, they'd just need to write their shell extension so it doesn't depend on being inside explorer.exe and wasn't blocked from appearing in other things. It wouldn't need any involvement from us at all.)