Neither wav, avi, wmv show up in viewer


I've just installed Dopus (latest trial download from the homepage) but face the problem that no avis, wmv or wav are played by the view pane. They show up as binary in the HEX viewer.

.mov files work.

what can be wrong?

thanks !!

btw: extremly great program. happy i found it :slight_smile:

Try the first half of this FAQ for both MPEG and AVI files.

I had exactly the same problem on one machine with MPEG files and doing that fixed it. I don't know why but it worked. Then I discovered MP3 files no longer played in Opus and did the same thing and they started working again as well... I figure something breaks some registry settings and temporarily restoring the associations to Windows Media Player fixes things

For WAV files, Opus doesn't play them using the preview pane by default. If you double-click them (and have set the WAV option under Preferences / Double-Click / Files) then they'll play in Opus's little sound player window (which you can also access with the Play command), but the viewer pane only shows them as hex by default.

All is not lost, however. If you go to Preferences / Plugins / Viewers and configure the ActiveX Document plugin then you can add .WAV to its list of handled extensions and it will play WAV files in the viewer pane via Windows Media Player.

this did it!!!

omg thats so great, i think my money is yours 8)

Excellent, and thanks for reporting back. I will update the FAQ to mention AVI files as well as how to make WAVs play in the viewer.

another question from a new fan:

is there a way to add some more info to the status bar? i'm mostly interested in a file's modification date when I select a single file. This info shows up in explorer's statusbar, but i dont find a way to add it to the dopus statusbar.

thanks again :wink:

Some info in this thread: ... status+bar

(There's also a keyboard shortcut for making tooltips appear, if that's useful. I think you hold Ctrl.)