Network folder view

In the network folder but i can't save the view i want like in any other folder
i can't enter into folder options and save

Network drives (anything below the \\Computer\... level of a UNC path, or any mapped drive letter) should function the same as local drives as far as this goes.

On the other hand, the folder literally called "Network" which shows a list of computers is a virtual folder where you can't do much. Changes to how it looks should be saved automatically when you leave the folder:

i lose settings when i leave the folder

Which settings are you trying to change exactly?

If you do the same thing in File Explorer, does it remember the settings there?

Tile and group

And yes, explorer lives in Winterfell

Both of those are remembered here. If I change either setting, close the window, then go to Network again, it's the same as when I left it.

Note that settings for this kind of folder can depend on how you navigate to the folder. For example, if you add it to Quick Access, the Quick Access > Network folder will remember its settings independently of the root-level Network folder.

I have no idea what that means.

i dragged and droppen the network icon on my favorite toolbar, like i did for recycle bin, my computer and desktop....My computer and desktop can be saved, while recycle bin remembers settings on exit.

Did you never see Game Of Thrones??? Winterfell is the capital of the North and in the North people say "The North Remembers" i meant that Explorer remembers.