New Docs/ActiveX plugin

For those of you who only check Help & Support regularly, you might like to know that the new Docs/ActiveX plugin is now available:

[ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web)

It is only a beta, and I'm still working on the 64-bit version, but hopefully it is already useful to many of you.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

I know it's a beta, but you did ask for feedback:

When explicitly selecting your activeX plugin (right click in viewer pane (Use plugin -> ActiveX) viewing jpg, png and ico files gives me a blank screen. seems to happen with all graphic files.

Maybe it's not a bug, but I'd expect a plugin, if it cannot handle a certain file type, to fall back to the default viewer. Or is this by design?

Using on XP 32bits

Oh and playing an AVI file will change the aspect ratio of the movie to fill the viewer pane. That's icky :slight_smile:

Do you have a known issues list somewhere I can read so I'm not telling you stuff you know already?

Thanks for the feedback!

If I try the same I get a hex view of the files (from the Text plugin) as you'd expect.

Could you check your ActiveX plugin configuration to see if JPG, PNG or ICO are associated with any of the viewers? They shouldn't be by default, and if an extension isn't listed in the configuration then the plugin should ignore it and let another plugin handle it.

Yeah, I've seen that on XP as well. Strangely, the aspect is maintained on Vista, although there there is another problem where the zoom resets to 100% sometimes when you resize... Both things seem to be quirks of the Windows Media Player ActiveX control, but maybe I'm not telling it to resize properly. (ActiveX doesn't have one standard for telling controls to resize; it has several. Even simple resizing is over-complicated and requires workarounds for particular controls. Great, isn't it? heh)

I have this on my list of things to look at, although its a low priority since the separate Movie plugin already handles all these formats well.

I've just posted the known-issue list into the plugin's thread.

Thanks again! Keep it coming!

JPG, ICO, and PNG are not associated with your plugin, or any other plugin it seems, and if i set the viewer plugin to 'Default' they show up normally.

I have tried all plugins on a PNG and the only time i get it to show up is if I have it on 'Default', so I guess it's not an issue with your plugin only.

Another issue: If I resize the viewer window with a word or excel document open (by dragging the divider between the lister and the viewer pane, the document isn't resized resulting in a messed up display. This happens both in vertical and horizontal view.

Which version of Office are you using? Also, what's displayed next to the filename, above the viewer? (It should say "MS Office Excel" or "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet" or similar. Which it is indicates exactly how the file is being viewed.)

Office 2000 if you can believe it :slight_smile: (I'm told my company will upgrade 'soonish' :slight_smile: )

It says "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" and "Microsoft Word Document"

Oh. :frowning: I only have 2003 and 2007 to test against at the moment. (It's great how every version of Office behaves completely differently! Really makes my life exciting...)

I'll see if I can track down a copy of 2000. Or maybe if I work out why Windows Media Player doesn't always resize properly it will also fix things for Office 2000.

BTW, do you know if Office 2000 resized properly when using the old ActiveX plugin? If so then I can easily make the new one use the same code.

Old ActiveX plugin? I know of no such animal :slight_smile:

Where do I get that? I'll give it a go.

The "old" ActiveX plugin has been distributed with Opus for the past few years, and is still a part of the standard distribution. If you've lost it you can just reinstall the current Opus over the top of your existing installation to get it back (make sure you delete the "new" docs.dll plugin first from your Opus viewers directory)

Here's a copy of the old version to save you reinstalling Opus, rebooting, etc.

To switch over to it, go to /home/Viewers within Opus (type that into the Opus location field), then rename the current docs.dll to, or anything else that does not end in ".dll", then copy the docs.dll from the zip file into the directory, then restart Opus. (74.9 KB)

nudel it's possible to zip the last dll v3.
i haven't admin privilege here so i can't install your new plugin.

[quote="AlbatorIV"]nudel it's possible to zip the last dll v3.
i haven't admin privilege here so i can't install your new plugin.[/quote]
Here you go.

(Presumably you have Opus installed somewhere that you have write permission to? :slight_smile:) (189 KB)

Thanks nudel
now i can confirm that viewer crash always when viewing html file.
i add show command to left double clic, viewer display correctly html file.
but if i use wheelmouse to scroll to the end of file, viewer freeze (but i can use DO) and i can't close viewers without close directory opus. ... light=html

Which version of IE?

IE 6 and 7 (on xp sp2).
and only when i assign show command to double clic left.

Ah, that was the key! Thanks. I've found the problem and it'll be fixed in the next plugin update.

it's perfect :exclamation:

Little glitch : toolbar is cut (excel 2000, xp sp2)

Can't preview email and contact (msg file) of outlook 2000.